September 2, 2016 – Big Communications Waves into the Unknown

background-1621062_640SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE may feel like a big wave! [9:38 am pdt/ 10:38 am mdt/ 11:38 pm cdt/ 12:38 pm edt] as we are stepping “into the unknown,” in some way. Perhaps we cannot see where we are going. That is ok. We can feel where we are going.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse--sacred time–yesterday–sent shock waves of change–we are still feeling the ripples today. frog-1529815_1280 This opened a new cycle that will be a change cycle. Things will swing wildly–because that is what they do in an eclipse field. The traditional timing to watch is “10 days before and three days after.” It is best not to sign contracts or engage in detailed agreements during an eclipse because often there are changes and pendulum swings, before things settle.

MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER [10:19 am pdt/ 11:19 am mdt/ 12:19 pm cdt/ 1:19 pm edt] is a big communications aspect for us all. Its good luck to speak! Its good to let others know just what is going on! frog-1558608_640JUPITER likes to open and expand: bringing good luck and good news! Its time to shake off the dullness and sing, share the story we have to share and commune with the others we came here to sing with! Ribbit! Like frogs we have lily pads in ponds to celebrate together!

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [3pm pdt/ 4pm mdt/ 5pm cdt/ 6 pm edt] is a close and personal communications review. skeletal-601213_640MERCURY is RETROGRADE and old friends abound. What do we need to circle back for now? Who is surfacing from the past to join forces with our life now? The eclipse moves us to touch death–to realize life is fleeting and each moment is truly precious.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [3:13 pm pdt/ 4:13 pm mdt/ 5:13 pm cdt/ 6:13 edt] is a home base expansion. not-see-1404401_640When the waves are big, go surfing–when the pendulum is swinging, go for a ride! This is a good energy to “go with the flow,” and speak speak speak! Ribbit!

MOON enters social fun-making Libra after the big eclipse Virgo splash. [5:55 pm pdt/ 6:55 pm mdt/ 7:55 pm cdt/ 8:55 pm edt]. May we all sing together. May we dress in pretty colors, kiss each other and dance! frogs-903170_640Handle the eclipse field with care! Watch everything–be patient and forgiving. May we listen–and speak with love!

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