September 1, 2016 – New Moon Solar Eclipse ~

On September 1, 2016–there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo. This next BIG SHAKE-UP; SHAKE-DOWN in our Solar-Earth-Galactic Calendar, is a moment to prepare for. planet-1543713_640Whether we are preparing like good Tibetan Llama’s for 24 hours of chanting, or we are preparing with seeds, rice, and dry storage in case of a real quake, this is a date to be “prepared for,” in the cosmic scheme of things. In many individual lives, this is a time of “prepping kids for school,” and preparing for the fall and winter seasons ahead.

Harvest and cold months are coming. In this context, the eclipses can send “nature-based-wrenches,” into the system, to shake us up and wake us up from any single-minded-entropy. We are asked to shake up our comfort zones and share space with a diverse crowd of beings as our mental “tower-like,” thoughts and beliefs about life can be shaken during this time. agriculture-742744_640It is time to get “earth,” and listen to the “high priestess,” of the Virgo mind.  This means for all farmers–its highly important to act “outside of the box,” and prepare your crops for unusual weather patterns of one kind or another. Follow your gut–if you feel to do something different–to allow plants more time or less time than you might under more “normal” star patterns. Eclipses are hyper-intensely-sensitive-times of shake-up and change. Anything is possible during this time. Whatever has been “hanging in the galactic alignment elevator,” things are going to “shake up a bit,” as we move through the eclipse window–so lets surf this well. Time to “listen well.” fantasy-858683_640

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Jupiter is residing currently in Virgo–offering the abundant, expanded spacious light of Jupiter to any and every situation that will arise. morgenstimmung-971864_640

We are lucky–and blessed–all of us to have Jupiter’s light overseeing this eclipse-territory-ahead. It can be blessed and focused on BIG SHIFTS in the (money/abundance)–places in human-consciousness. coins-164213_640We can be expanded in this area as the eclipses occur–due to Jupiter’s presence.  This does “by no means,” imply that “everyone will have a lot or more money,” quite the opposite is possible as Virgo is not focused on money at all, but rather on plants, animals, and our own bodies’ health. If we are not healthy, with healthy plants and animals on a healthy planet, says the Virgo mind, then what good is money? Money may come to those who care for the plant-kingdom and upgrading health–while Jupiter is in Virgo. Caring for animals and plants, and our own bodies, and/or the bodies of others is an abundant focus while Jupiter is in Virgo. Eclipses here make this more powerful, dramatic and a shaken-up-shake-down of change in this area!!

In the sign of Virgo–we might be aware that background-1552415_640we cannot eat money,” and a whole community cannot really live without a healthy local food and water system. A local food and water system is an abundant focus while Jupiter is in Virgo.

This is a clear and obvious–potential time for more information to come out and out and out, like a river with floats and stones to contend with–all about aliens, alien-1534980_640extra–terrestrials, their roll on our planet, and our “galactic place,” in the galactic “family,” of consciousness that participates with us here on earth. This is a big “expansion of consciousness,” that may ask all of us to “look beyond the veil,” we normally “see,” as connected to us, and “see the galactic family.”

THE ACTUAL TIME OF THIS NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IS [2:03 am pdt/ 3:03 am mdt/ 4:03 am cdt/ 5:03 am edt]–pre-dawn in the North American continent.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [3:25 am pdt/ 4:25 am mdt/ 5:25 am cdt/ 6:25 am edt] –in a closing Square–(during this eclipse day)–as an aspect–assists in defining the nature of this particular eclipse period. This invites each of us to “take seriously,” changes needed in our “home-space.” This can happen on any and many levels, and uniquely for each one. Saturn is a “down to the bones,” rootsy, “real third-world,” kind of earth-based responsibility. This can show up in health and/or food or body issues of any kind–land issues and the general need to “take care of our home base,”cave-114261_640 to move it to the right not wrong place, if needed, and to be aware of the people and weather around us.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [4:32 am pdt/ 5:32 am mdt/ 6:32 am cdt/ 7:32 am edt] reveals that very large forces are at play during this eclipse. Forces beyond the forces, beyond the forces. One hand, moves another, which is moved by, yet a larger hand. The “flow,” is guided by a larger divine plan that is beyond what any small mind of any kind, alien or human, may have had “planned.” This eclipse is a river of opportunity for changes to take place–expect them or not–they are coming.

MOON SQUARE MARS [11:39 am pdt/ 12:39 pm mdt/ 1:39 pm cdt/ 2:39 pm edt]–is a powerful energy to manage. This is a time to be aware, skyline-730468_640and in movement. Being “in movement,” means also being “in sync,” with the river of movement that is all around us.  This is a time of making adjustments for others as well as taking the “right actions,” related to home space.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [12:59 pm pdt/ 1:59 pm mdt/ 2:59 pm cdt/ 3:59 pm edt] is a reminder that we are still repairing our soul. We are still digging deeply in to clear out shadow. Bits of shadow from earth-time-of all time are being tossed up to be integrated and/or released. This epic shadow clearing at the “changing of ages,” is still going on in this Eclipse Shake Up Time! fantasy-landscape-1481184_640The eclipses are in service to a great “returning of power,” to the right places. It very well may be the time when “the meek inherits the earth.” This in the tri-layered interpretation ends up meaning “people who are in balance with the earth, other people and all things.” These people take “not too much,” and “not too little,” rather balanced.

We are in for a transformative life-death-story as the Eclipses will likely be determined as cosmic forces to “shake us into divine alignment.”

Eclipses are often sources of DEATH for some things, and REBIRTH or NEW LIFE for others. door-1383891_640

NEPTUNE at its closest to earth point—brings extra water.

SUN SQUARE SATURN [8:22 pm pdt/ 9:22 pm mdt/ 10:22 pm cdt/ 11:22 pm edt] challenges all old authority, in a closing square of revolution from new light to old crumbling systems.  More work is called for.

The eclipse takes place pre-dawn in North America, so therefore not visible and potentially more impactful in the places where the eclipse is visible, called “the path of the eclipse.” In N. America–the “eclipses,” may happen so much in the area of our “beliefs,” about things and in our subconscious territory.

africa-153088_640CLICK HERE to see a Nasa generated map of the Eclipse path–and from where it will be visible. Lower Africa and the middle of the Indian Ocean. That is where we might send our attention and prayers.

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