August 31, 2016 – Dark Moon Before Solar Eclipse – Last Day of old world – Outbreath- Mercury Retrograde

MOON enters Virgo from fire Leo this morning–the sign of the New Moon Solar Eclipse–nurse-587924_640[8:22 am pdt/ 9:22 am mdt/ 10:22 am cdt/ 11:22 am edt] The ground of Virgo must feel good to Leo, and entering the sign of the Eclipse–on the last dark day of the cycle before can be unsettling! Toss all the dark and gory details out to be burned in the grand central sun forever–cleansed from our minds forever!

On the last dark day before the Solar Eclipse, there is often “a vaccuum of any final outbreath of darkness we must clear. Lots o shit can be clearing on a day like today! Whew! Clear it on out!cloud-233409_640

There is quite a lot going on for an end-of-summer/early-fall day in the northern hemisphere. The day before any Solar Eclipse is often quite something, and throw in a Mercury Retrograde, today moving solidly Retro in our “close-and-personal”–Virgo.   Where it will join Jupiter and dig in–so we “get the Jupiter in Virgo message!” As Jupiter digs deep in the end of the sign of Virgo, Mercury Retrogrades there to make “sure we get the message!” Jupiter will depart Virgo and head into Libra on September 10th! Mid eclipse field!

Its “all the little things,” that are in Virgo’s realm. Animal’s little needs and the little needs of people, fingers, toes–whole bodies. Healing is Virgo’s primary mystic magic. Called by ourselves, animals and others to be “healers,” and healers must heal themselves ongoingly–that is what is up for all of us–healers heal thyeselves! (and each other) however you do it, bubbles-582541_640Heal, heal, heal!! Be healed and whole!

MERCURY RETROGRADE in Virgo is one final dose of healing energy! One more time, outbreath, release, let go of the crud, the bad ideas, anything that is not a clear flowing stream of divinity, innocent as clean white sheets, hanging in the sun, drying. MERCURY RETROGRADE is not always a bad thing and is not just here to “mess with you,” and cause weird things in our schedules, or cars to go wacky. It is here to remind us of “what matters,” more than the “fast-paced-life,” or the “fast-paced-mind,” something else matters more.

During Mercury Retrograde: Look for the circular magic! balls-539359_640If something isn’t working, look at what is working! Old friends surface to give us the right key for the next step. Old contracts, projects, and experiences circle back and back and back. We revisit, for joy, for memory, and to receive keys! Keys that allow us to open to the next level, next level, next . . . . .
Tomorrow- the Solar Eclipse is a sacred holy Day! Deep Deep Blessings in the Solar Eclipse window of death/birth and transfiguration.