August 30, 2016 – Mercury Stationary Retrograde – Pre-Solar Eclipse ~

MOON TRINE MARS [12:50 am pdt/ 1:50 am mdt/ 2:50 am cdt/ 3:50 am edt] is part of a Grand Fire Trine today. princess-1286694_640Creative genius and fast moving parts are all facing the tiny swing of Mercury Retrograde that can play a big roll. From linear to circular time we go–in the most creative way we know.

MERCURY STATIONS at [6:04 am pdt/ 7:04 am mdt/ 8:04 am cdt/ 9:04 am edt] at the very end of the sign of Virgo–where Jupiter has been passing. JUPITER has been lighting up Virgo, now at the very end. Now MERCURY RETROGRADE, during an eclipse will allow us to drop and learn everything we need to in the realm of health, and the chop-wood-carry-water-details of our life. stained-glass-1181864_640(More on this Mercury Retrograde–in tomorrow’s post)

We could all be brought “back to the simple ways of life,” for one reason or another. And we are meant to simplify, and to “return to a more innocent way of being.” The “mix-ups,” and funny hang ups of this time, are circling us home. We are being asked to “drop what is uneeded,” and circle back to the simple.

baby-1152676_640MOON TRINE URANUS [9:20 pm pdt/ 10:20 pm mdt/ 11:20 pm cdt/ 12:20 am late night edt] is a dose of magical sacred divinity, humor or grace–coming to each of us, from within or without. However eclipse-shakey-the day has been–magical connection with something larger than our small self–is coming in the evening. Uranus also likes circles and living in Aries is revolutionizing each of us into more of a unique being and less of a computer-city-being-cookie-cutter-being. We are called to “become ourselves,” nomatter what it takes. That means–in an eclipse field–becoming authentic by dropping the rest. !!

Author’s Note ~  Well the Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse tightening finally got me! I’ve been submersed in “the drama of life,” for more than 24 hours. Eclipse-like-I have both extremes. There are extreme gifts and grace alternated with feelings of the worst nightmare pressure cooker. I understand this alchemy so do try not to take it personally–when I can get even a tiny bit of space–perspective and silence–usually grace will follow my clear intentions. stairs-735995_640More of the wolf-girl story is being lived. Its too much to share, without the chapters before and too much to share in anything else but a comic-book-story. I think I’m “too close,” to share it directly–its too painful–and of course beautiful too. I have to share it with a little color, humor and space. One of the points in the eclipse guide is “Things get eclipsed sometimes during the eclipse field.” They just do. Sometimes things just “get eclipsed.” It has been interesting for me: the experiment of “releasing an eclipse guide,” during the eclipse field with pointers on the energy itself. It went from simple to a full e-book, back to simple–like this Mercury Retrograde is teaching us–back to the simple. The guide is ready to be mailed and though it may be “eclipsed” one or two more times–it may go out today and tonight! What a piece of work! And back to the simple.

CLICK HERE to DONATE! Donations appreciated for the transition. I believe we move animals this evening and tomorrow. Prayers for grace in transition please. We are going to a temporary interim location before one or two other pre-planned locations that are not quite ready for us yet. Prayers for grace along the way of this passage.