August 27, 2016 – Cathartic Expansion of “Life as Art”

mama-1081406_640MOON is in the sign of the mother. Cancer is a tender sign that craves soft words, caring thoughts and tender gestures. Every human being craves this kind of care. When we don’t get it–we can be “crabby.”

MOON SEXTILE SUN [4:08 am pdt/ 5:08 am mdt/ 6:08 am cdt/ 7:08 am edt] Virgo to Cancer is a practical harmony that can get done what needs to get done, for the family, children and healthy self.

rubber-duck-1401225_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [2:58 pm pdt/ 3:58 pm mdt/ 4:58 pm cdt/ 5:58 pm edt] offers a good fluid movement energy–to go with the flow–surfing the flow of the divine. Larger forces move under us. We can simply “enjoy the ride.”

VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER [3:28 pm pdt/ 4:28 pm mdt/ 5:28 pm cdt/ 6:28 pm edt] can bring a “larger than life,” feeling. We can be renewed with our creative urges. We can expand our ability to generate abundance and “flow of money,” into our lives. northern-lights-1031101_640We can expand our love and care for others. Our heart is G-R-O-W-I-N-G!! May we allow creative genius to grow us bigger hearts and more fluid generative minds.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [10:39 pm pdt/ 11:39 pm mdt/ 12:39 am late night cdt/ 1:39 am edt]–Cancer to Capricorn is a life and death crossing. This opposition is something we meet every cycle, now every time the MOON crosses Cancer, it OPPOSES PLUTO in Capricorn. This night-time crossing, between Saturday and Sunday–offers a whole new life, a death, and a rebirth, or a catharsis gifted to us by the fabric of life.

Closer and closer we come to the peak of eclipse shift in September. Preparing for change in ways we can imagine is a good idea.

car-172905_640MERCURY goes RETROGRADE on Tuesday, so things are already feeling a bit slippery, shifty and wacky–like a mercury retrograde divine cosmic joke.

Eclipse Guide coming today–my goodness–going from back and forth between 3-D and digital is a dance! Click Here to receive it–if you already signed up it should be mailed today (or tomorrow if something gets in the way!)

Author’s Note: Thank you to all of you following the wolf story! We are a shakin’ and preparing for a move. The move is also a shakin–as it takes time to work out the logistics–and sometimes we wait for one part of the process or another. Prayers please for the graceful passage–that all goes well in our move! Its a tricky time! I’m grateful that the divine is in charge–even if it is a time of extremes for human beings. To donate to the wolf move–and the author–please click here. Thank you to those who have contributed. You are part of us. Because of you we are able to keep going into time. Thank You.