August 26, 2016 – Shakin’ and a wake-up calling

In the eclipse field–sometimes things get eclipsed–they just “fall away.”  Sometimes we appreciate what has “fallen away,” and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes energies shift radically, sometimes people shift radically, basketball-1602392_640sometimes the shadow just comes in and expresses its dark self through someone and there is “shock,” in the field. The “shock,” is the “shake-up,” we are “shaken,” and it is good to be shaken. We are shaken out of normalcy, our of expectation, and out of the towers we build in life that we think are real, even our perceptions of self or other.

May we bring in our deepest understanding of the power of many forces at work, many different forces, all vying for creation power through us. As we enter the eclipse field–the area, [10 days before and 3 days after the eclipse], and with two consecutive eclipses, the “field” of the eclipse spans more than the whole month of September, it reaches into August and October with its shake-up hands of cutting old ties, releasing old energies, and “shaking off the dross of consciousness everywhere.”

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [10:03 am pdt/ 11:03 am mdt/ 12:03 pm cdt/ 1:03 pm edt] skydiving-658405_640is one of those “little shock-waves,” rippling through the morning. This one is in a friendly aspect to our feelings, so it in some way “frees us,” into the day in an unexpected way. Be free!

MOON SQUARE VENUS [1:12 pm pdt/ 2:12 pm mdt/ 3:12 pm cdt/ 4:12 pm edt] is not the smoothest love aspect. It is crunchy. It is a corner of decision and action. Lovers quarrels often occur because we feel differently about the decisions we are facing. May we embrace difference of opinion and the feelings inside of each being. puzzle-1152792_640May we listen to each voice with tender loving care–as each voice, nomatter how dissident, or how opposite, or odd, has a message for the whole. When embraced as part of the whole, every piece can integrate and speak its message.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [3:09 pm pdt/ 4:09 pm mdt/ 5:09 pm cdt/ 6:09 pm edt] is a home-based expansion. cat-1040753_640When there is a shocking message or things are a “shakin,” its best to leap, expand, and “go for the light,” . . . . there is always light in a situation. Its good to focus on the incoming light, in any situation. The “light,” is invisible light, it is opening, it is intelligence, it is divine karmic justice, it is sacred living wisdom.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [5:30 pm pdt/ 6:30 pm mdt/ 7:30 pm cdt/ 8:30 pm edt] could be a glitchy communications day. Gemini and Virgo square each other in the zodiac wheel of life. That means there is a corner there. Sometimes the timing is slower than we want. train-station-1605645_640Sometimes we are called to be “patient,” or to wait for something. The speedy Gemini consciousness does not like to wait for anything, whereas the wisdom of Virgo is attention to every single detail, which takes extra time, and waiting is required for Virgo details.

This communications square in the evening sends the moon into a VOID between Gemini and Cancer. MOON is VOID from 5:30 pm pdt until 8:06 pm pdt.

MOON enters Cancer [at 8:06 pm pdt/ 9:06 pm mdt/ 10:06 pm cdt/ 11:06 pm edt] watery home based Cancer. Its time to tend birth-of-jesus-1150128_640to our mother and our home. We are each mama to something–even if it is ourselves. May we be the momma now.

Prayers to the Divine Mother of each being. Blessings for nourishment, healing and comfort for every being on earth. May the interconnected web of life nurture every being, including YOU!
. . . . . .
Author’s Note:  We are having an eclipse shift! The wolf family is a shakin. Alpha female Lomi has something in her throat–that might be one of those prickly seeds, that she’s been coughing on. Puppies are restless and don’t want to stay in their pen. The boys want to run further and faster than they are allowed, so they are a bit pent-up–but so attentive–they all know we are moving soon and they are all ready to go. The landlord hates wolves and they feel that. They are ready for the next location and so are we! Due to the landlord’s fear of wolves and stirring that up around–they are never off leash now. They are tied all the time. We walk them several times a day and have them tied to trees, so they are in nature and they get to move around, and walk, however this is not the life they want to live. They simply want to run. Like horses, wolves, have a deep deep need to RUN. Prayers for the graceful passage of our wolf family and prayers they can handle the leashes until they are on our next property–a ranch with a barn and more space! They will get to run at the next location. Patience everybody. Its coming. The freedom–its coming. Just a little longer. wolf-1426132_640

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Due to the communications being “turned off,” my Eclipse Guide got “eclipsed,” its coming. As I can alternate with my co-wolf-care-taker, I’m running back and forth to a hotspot location for wifi. The guide should go out by the end of today if the hotspot plan works. Click here to add your name to the list to receive the Free Eclipse Guide!