August 25, 2016 – Grounded and Revolutionary Actions ~ Work Shifts

The revolution is mostly taking place in our minds. Shifts in the atomosphere, earthstory, and lots of very large places, big changes are happening. Miracle workers are called into their feet for all kinds of reasons.display-dummy-757451_640 Do you know the are to which you’ve been called to be a “miracle-worker?” This is eclipse talk.

MOON is still in mentally-alive-Gemini--the winged mind of God in Earth being.

~In the middle of the night~ VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS [2:07 am pdt/ 3:07 am mdt/ 4:07 am cdt/ 5:07 am edt] makes for some wacky wild dreams before we awaken this morning. The aspect is “awakening,” and weird.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [9:29 am pdt/ 10:29 pm mdt/ 11:29 pm cdt/ 12:29 pm edt] invites maturity at a whole new level. yoga-657045_640The elder within is called forth to hold the soft childish part that will rest in the arms of the elder. The elder takes care of all the “responsibilities,” within, and the child gets to rest inside of us, relaxing into trust.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [10:34 am pdt/ 11:34 am mdt/ 12:34 pm cdt/ 1:34 pm edt] is an aspect to beware of. In the MARS/SATURN CONJUNCTION of yesterday–we initiated or deepened: some good work. Now in the opposition–there may be resistance, or soft squishy things that need tending too–however there is deeper soul-work-afoot and we are “in it.” super-951190_640We’re in a peak of feelings and work today. Its time for right action meanwhile tending to the soft squishy insides of us!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [11:06 am pdt/ 12:06 pm mdt/ 1:06 pm cdt/ 2:06 pm edt] is a soft squishy call for mama. Mama within and without, big and small–is called, and coming. We are the mama. May we be loving like mama, resourceful and nourishing like the divine mother of all.

MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE – oh my! [11:56 pm pdt/ 12:56 am mdt/ 1:56 am late night cdt/ 2:56 edt]. rose-600598_640This is a psychic clearing aspect. We must almost always do some “psychic clearing work.” Sometimes the ugly things rear their heads in this square–so salt baths, good music and clearing thoughts are helpful.
Blessed be the sweetest clearing rose petals over your head this evening. May you be blessed in the “larger than life,” happenings, may you clear your mind with salt water, and something beautiful.

. . . . . .

Deep Soul Blessings as we approach the shakey eclipse field.  May we connect more deeply with heart and soul home base now. 

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