August 22, 2016 – Fire Trine to Earth Trine – Whirling Dirvish Landing ~ Merkaba Day ~ Entering the “Eclipse Field” – Enter High-Tide-Rite-Of-Passage-Power-Shift-Portal!

machu-picchu-568728_640Today–this important entry into a more intense portal of timeMERCURY CONJUNCTS JUPITER (in practical earth-based Virgo).  [2:04 am pdt/ 3:04 am mdt/ 4:04 am cdt/ 5:04 am edt] Messages are very loud, big and coming our way, as we enter the tight, potent window of the Solar Eclipse in Virgo, coming on September 1st.

Today, we enter the window of “10 days before and 3 days after,” that ancient wisdom keepers offered as a “tight window of the eclipse,”mandalas-1485096_640in which we needed to “stay close to home,” in more ways than one.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 pm edt] is a final volcanic breakthrough–before MOON leaves fire to head into earth. This conjunction is a radical shift doorway opener. Today we enter the intense “change-portal-threshold” of the September Eclipse month–all month long!!!

MOON enters a strange and funny VOID between fire and earth. This is a portal of shift. There is the potential of a complete turn-around. A death, or a resurrection.background-1405650_640This is a time of immense power–a time to be extremely clear like a shining sword of truth with not a waver. Clear intent, and firm boundaries of truth are important at this time!

MOON enters Taurus–grounding from the funny VOID
–[2:19 pm pdt/ 3:19 pm mdt/ 4:19 pm cdt/ 5:19 pm edt] into the Eclipse Portal we go!  There is the possibility of a dimensional shift or a literal shift in planetary grid, ground or location. “Be prepared for anything” is best. squirrel-1407699_640

SUN enters Virgo–in the middle of the VOID, from Leo.  [9:38 am pdt/ 10:38 am mdt/ 11:38 am cdt/ 12:38 pm edt] From Fire to earth our radiant selves move in psyche and function. Its time to “clean things up,” get organized and prepared and Ground. Summer is transitioning to responsibility-bound-fall. May we feel the harvest of soil anddubai-728130_640soul in its fulfillment and sharing.

SUN TRINE MOON – earth to earth – [2:39 pm pdt/ 3:39 pm mdt/ 4:39 pm cdt/ 5:39 pm edt] invites a dance of harmony, in the midst of ascension, and shifting.

May we be fierce in our devotion to our integral living truth within. Creativity is the spirit of the creator spinning through us. Thee is a higher divine plan weaving, and unfolding, flowering and releasing the past to enter the now. Unfurling, uncomplicating, simplifying the essence we came here to be. Its time to shed all that is not pure in our heart and mind. Be fierce and clear in this shedding. May only the sacred survive.souvenirs-73762_640

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