August 20, 2016 – Water to Fire – Integration – Begin again

lionfish-712635_640MOON in water Pisces OPPOSITE MERCURY and JUPITER [pre-dawn mdt] activates big communications, and the complex energy of integration of diverse forces at work.

Pisces feelings to Virgo practicality, these two opposites are in a balancing act today. What we feel we want and need versus what the practical world calls us to do–are up in conversation all day.

MOON is VOID between water and fire from 5:21 am pdt to 12:18 pm pdt, when MOON enters Aries.

bucket-315981_640Moon enters fiery Aries at [12:18 pm pdt/ 1:18 pm mdt/ 2:18 pm cdt/ 3:18 pm edt]. In Aries, each time the MOON enters, we “begin again,” as Aries starts things. Being the beginning of the wheel of signs, and wheel of life, we have a pure “new beginning energy,” with the Fiery Aries MOON–this afternoon.

MOON will trine MARS and SATURN in Sagittarius tomorrow–for a fire trine, meanwhile SQUARING PLUTO for transformation and extra catharsis power-weekend. Big Change is possible, and more is coming.

Eclipses are coming! On Monday, August 22nd we enter the tight ring of the eclipse field. (10 days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 1,) begins on Monday. This weekend is a time to “prepare for anything.” Big forces of change are here.

The elemental energies are speaking. What are they saying? What are the elements saying about the shake-up time to come?  May we listen well.

. . . . . . . . . .

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