August 17, 2016 – FULL MOON in Aquarius Rising! Gifts Opening ~ Genius and Grace Unfolding!

The MOON rises toward FULL with a Sacred Leo SUN, fractal-1068985_640opposite like an anchor in the light–in its home sign–its sign of brightest elemental–mythic self-created light. Mythic FULL MOON night is tonight as tomorrow early am is the actual time of Full Moon–so by tomorrow night it will be waning, as tonight is the waxing FULL MOON night! Forces within the fabric that holds us in consciousness are rising to support us. hawaii-878908_640This fabric is made of nature and wind, water, air and light, the dirt, flowers and elementally made things we interact with are a sign of a Greater Force of Creation–than our little small selves!  Today is a mystic holy-day of magic.  

VENUS TRINE PLUTO [7:17 pm pdt/ 8:17 pm mdt/ 9:17 pm cdt/ 10:17 pm edt] is an evening planetary link that is felt all day in an area of New Grace and the ignighting of our power to love, power to make and power to be beautiful and engraced. Today the elemental world is like wind at our back, stones under our feet to cross the river, and just what we need–a flower in our toe. baby-718146_640A new idea, a new place, a new friend, a new moment.

May we thrive in the new energies that are coming to fruition, coming to be seen, and the love that manifests from the fabric to each of us!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS – a cosmic plan is here. Whether we wrote it or are living it or it is just coming into our awareness, this “cosmic plan,” is here! Hallelujah! May we celebrate the divine sacred foundations we’ve build before now, in thought, word and deed.

The foundations of genius are amidst us, wall-1158893_640the tools are at our fingertips, we are here to make genius into form on earth.

HAPPY FULL MOON NIGHT! – May your inner genius come out like a lion! . . . . or even more Sacred, like a Puma!