August 16, 2016 – Dawning of Aquarius Full Moon Days!

MOON enters this cycle’s Full Moon sign of Aquarius athelix-nebula-11156_640 [4:52 am pdt/ 5:52 am mdt/ 6:52 am cdt/ 7:52 am edt] The dawning of the new era and the mythic tales-told “Age-of-Aquarius”–is still unfolding–and this Full Moon is the catalyst for another unfolding chapter in the great shift! Fruition is coming for the Great Shift.  This Full Moon in Aquarius has gifts for all of us. As SATURN in Sagittarius (a friendly position to this Full Moon)–offers us the infrastructure needed to take our next steps toward this New Age of Aquarius.

SUN INCONJUNCT CHIRON [9:15 am pdt/ 10:15 am mdt/ 11:15 am cdt/ 12:15 am edt] water-1241161_640is a strange-feeling shift energy that asks us to “step aside,” from our own egoic resistance to a deep healing that is arising within us. Deep wounds are being “seen,” to be healed. They are arising in front of us–feelings related any wounds that are holding us back–due to the stuck energy or fear-based knots around these things arising to be moved and cleared. These “arisings,” can be like “little movies” that we watch–that bring river-254614_640up feelings that we can simply allow to move through us like sticks floating on a big river, as it cleans, junk floats out. Floating down the river are past life griefs, old stuck thought-emotional packages and crusty old-belief-shit.

SUN TRINE URANUS [1:23 pm pdt/ 2:23 pm mdt/ 3:23 pm cdt/ 4:23 pm edt] Break-through’s in light, sound and intelligence. Each of us has a little “antennae to Heaven.albert-einstein-1100450_640Our antennae’s are receiver-strong today! We can be genius. Everyone can have an “Einstein Kind O Day.”

RISING MOON SEXTILE MARS [3:50 pm pdt/ 4:50 pm mdt/ 5:50 pm cdt/ 6:50 pm edt] brings power to act. We will know “right action,” and today gives the energy to do what is our “right actions,” for the new era.

RISING MOON SEXTILE SATURN [10:21 pm pdt/ 11:21 pm mdt/ 12:21 am (late night) cdt/ 1:21 am edt]. The Aquarian MOON is Rising. The Aquarian Revolution–mythic in nature–technologically brilliant and on its way; revolutionary in vineyard-FullMoonspirit; in love; and in upside-down-turning; belief-shifting news that carries us forward in mind, body and spirit–toward the New Era we know is coming truly–like it or not–here it comes! Even SATURN–guardian of the Earth–and “reality,” is ready to move forward–bring harmony to earth, even at the level of infrastructure. The new forms we need are coming, through us; and others around us. This is a cycle of Aquarian Fruition for each one in the dawning age of Aquarius.

May your inner dawn be filled with your chosen colors of light, fruition and power. rose-1033202_640