August 13, 2016 – SATURN STATIONARY DIRECT ~ Feminine Work of Bringing Grace

woman-1253209_640Today is a SATURN day. SATURN is all the places where structure, systems and foundation sit. We all rest on the bones, teeth and ground of SATURN, which has been RETORGRADING since March 25th, 2016.

Today the Regrograde, backward-diggin-in-the-foundations, tearing out the old stuff for months–stops. Today there is a big SHIFT in Saturnian energy. From Retro-to Pro-forward Bound. Though Saturn is slow–forward we go. bridge-246913_640
After 5 months of retrograde work going back, we are re-arranging things today. Stopping to re-examine the path as it changes direction. All can move forward now. New World structures are at a pause about to “Go!” and Old world structures are falling down, feeling a bit “shaken up.”

We are all having to SHIFT our “Old Man Saturnian Worldview,” to the new bones of the New Saturn of the New Earth. Its a wild perceptual transition to make, to shift era’s–our psyche’s are tested in these times, to make giant shifts in consciousness in how we hold our Saturnian–structural consciousness. Where are we committed?  Its moving forward now.woman-1150084_640

SUN TRINE MOON [4:05 am pdt/ 5:05 am mdt/ 6:05 am cdt/ 7:05 pm edt] is a sufi poem of masculine and feminine dancing–added to the mix at an important time for collaboration–during shifts like this!

ballet-534357_640VENUS SQUARE SATURN [7:31 am pdt/ 8:31 am mdt/9:31 am cdt/ 10:31 am edt] meanwhile the SATURN shifting directions, it Square’s venus to remind the deep feminine–these great shifts are “Her Work.” She priestesses, and births humanity from one phase in consciousness to another. We are mid-shift and the mother of earth’s changing is working today.

MOON TRINE URANUS [10:28 am pdt/ 11:28 am mdt/ 12:28 pm cdt/ 1:28 edt] Adds sparks to the shift. Humor, extremism, and bursts of invisible grace, delight or universal truth-bearing-genius are alive today–along with the Great Saturnian Shift!!

hands-864037_640MOON SQUARE JUPITER [10:37 am pdt/ 11:37 am mdt/ 12:37 am cdt/ 1:37 am edt] is a home-based-espansion. From earth to the galaxy–allies we are connecting. Allies from all over the galaxy are here surrounding us to assist us at this time. There is a Great Shift–a Great Unveiling occurring at this time and the expansions of consciousness are everywhere. From home, from our core, we are expanding.  This expansion in the morning / afternoon sends us into a MOON VOID, (wacky strange in-between time)–for the rest of the day.

sketch-book-455698_640(As if SATURN changing direction didn’t feel strange enough!! Wee woo!)

MOON enters Capricorn [9:11 pm pdt/ 10:11 pm mdt/ 11:11 pm cdt/ 12:11 pm edt]–Saturn’s sign–bringing us into a highly receptive place. We are receiving “new blueprints,” new structural adjustments, and new paradigm downloads. This is a highly structural–break-down and restructure all things time.

Ready to re-build what has been falling down for a long time?

Author’s Note: My birthday time of year (Aug 11) — is often a crazy weird time for me. There is SO MUCH going on – on all levels! I feel myself in a big death and rebirth. What a weird feeling! We are in a big transition with our wolf pack–we are moving currently to a new location. Transitions are so weird! Weird weird. Thank you for all of your prayers and support as we transition!

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