July 27, 2016 – Radically Intelligent Shift

ladybug-1470629_640MERCURY TRINE URANUS pre-dawn pdt invites us to make an intelligent and future-focused shift in consciousness.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:10 am pdt/ 5:10 am mdt/ 6:10 am cdt/ 7:10 am edt] Taurus to Pisces is a musical “go with the flow,” from early morning.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT CHIRON [5:55 am pdt/ 6:55 am mdt/ 7:55 am cdt/ 8:55 am edt] brings a cosmic poke. Wherever we are poked may we uplift ourselves with a solution, more intelligence, a shift in consciousness to meet the changing times and other people around us.

MOON TRINE PLUTO (Earth to Earth linking)[11:12 am pdt/ 12: 12 pm mdt/ 1:12 pm cdt/ 2:12 pm edt]–bowl-1389749_640since PLUTO is still RETROGRADE, offers more opportunity to reclaim lost power, and mend broken vessels of self and other. We can weave a more and more cohesive power structure around us with our own consciousness. We can elevate ourselves today with our own practical genius.

MOON SQUARE VENUS {Taurus to Leo} fixed Earth to Fixed Fire ~ [5:23 pm pdt/ 6:23 pm mdt/ 7:23 pm cdt/ 8:23 pm edt] nuts-1384729_640We each do food, art and body, uniquely. Each one of us has a unique expression in each of these areas. Each one needs to eat for their own body-type, soul-food-type, and alkalinity. Different people at this time need different levels of alkalinity to survive. Anyone with any “diagnosis,” needs to alkalize. Each is unique. May we honor the diversity, not ever ask others to “be like us,” the square’s call for differences to be honored–to each his/her own way.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [8:44 pm pdt/ 9:44 pm mdt/ 10:44 pm cdt/ 10:44 pm edt] offers a home-based expansion. This expansion is a practical earth-based act of wisdom. This aspect brings the access to greater wisdom into any situation–late tonight let the elder enzymes wisen us up. colorful-1220783_640

Watch frustration and anger tomorrow morning in a MOON SQUARE MERCURY and MOON OPPOSITE MARS!  Tomorrow morning is a good time to discipline excersize, and/or be silent for the morning
. . . . . . . . .

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