July 26, 2016 – HAPPY NEW MAYAN YEAR! ~ Deep Connected Blessings in the Blue Spectral Storm Year

newworld-852166_640The Mayan Calendar, is an ancient yet modernized version of a Calendar that was designed for a time of great upheaval and change, like this time we find ourselves in now. In many systems–we find ourselves in transition–between worlds and between era’s. Lots of upheaval is predicted for the Mayan Time ahead.
The Blue Spectral Storm Year, we are stepping into TODAY ~ is bound to be full of surprises, and literal “storms,” and possibly Earth Changes. We all Know there are prophecies of all kinds, both scientifically-based ones as well as prophetic ones, that there is work for us to do with our Earth plane. We are aware–if we choose to be–that the surface of the earth will need us to change in order to return to balance and avoid even more crisis for humans. This could be a “flag year,” of lightning bolts of natural weather/disaster type of warnings that invite us to both “be more prepared this year,” as well as being wiser about our “global footprint,” and its effects on the surface of the earth. twister-303892_640

The Blue Spectral Storm comes with grave powers large that ask us to truly “be prepared for anything.” Here’s what Eden Sky has to say, a Mayan Galactic Astrologer: “In terms of the Galactic Frequencies, this year has much intensity in store for us! The energies of The Spectral Storm may not always be comfortable, but we can be assured that this year is bringing a Storm of Liberation, catalyzing necessary changes that ultimately allow for greater well-being. We are reminded to embrace and celebrate purification, catharsis, and upheaval as cleansing forces that clear the way for regeneration and renewal. Let us trust in the constructive de-construction process that may unfold this year. Let us welcome a new circulation of energies, rejoicing as it brings new configurations and empowering breakthroughs.” —Eden Sky ~ See page bottom to purchase one of Eden’s Calendars for the New Mayan year ahead!

lightning-962789_640It appears it will be a spontaneous freeing yet potentially tumultuous year ahead!

In the Western Sky: Today:
MOON enters Taurus early in the morning from the Aries to Taurian VOID of last night. We are grounding our own unique feet on this third dimensional Earth!

The only aspect is MOON SQUARE SUN Taurus to Leo, Fixed Earth to Fixed Fire. [4 pm pdt/ 5 pm mdt/ 6 pm cdt/ 7 pm edt]  puigmal-120188_640This is a corner we all live with every day, and today it is emphasized as a “step we take,” today from the old Mayan New year, to the new energy frequency year of the Blue Spectral Storm. This is a corner of shift. We step down to the fourth lunar quarter of this cycle. This last week of this cycle is the dark quarter–the waning lower energy week in the cycle. May we go down in rest, prayer, baths and deep inner meditation, including deep relaxation. All is well that ends well.

Today is another transitional / in-between years kinda day. Tomorrow–a LOT happens! Get ready for a busy day tomorrow (Wednesday)!

plasma-1353916_640Friday: URANUS STATIONS to go RETROGRADE! The humorous spontaneous planet will go back to disrupt our past, shaking down all the clearings and gifts we need to find. We are about to have a Uranian “shake-down” –this weekend–time to move into the New Energies of the New Earth!

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