July 25, 2016 – More coming through the Birth Canal – Jump Start! Mayan Day out of Time ~

tunnel-1025847_640Today is the Mayan DAY OUT OF TIME! This is a day to be ceremonial and allow completions and new beginnings!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO this morning re-opens the birth canal we are being squeezed through! [8:29 am pdt/ 9:29 am mdt/ 10:29 am cdt/ 11:29 am edt] Each movement, pushes us toward the canal–our birth from old world to new world.

MOON TRINE VENUS [9:48 am pdt/ 10:48 am mdt/ 11:48 am cdt/ 12:48 pm edt] is a feminine to feminine creative link. The Divine Feminine is working together maiden with mother, multiple generations, we share stories, wisdom and collaborate on the new era emerging, as women, we are the birthers of the newness in the world as well as the babies.

MOON TRINE MERCURY –[7:55 pm pdt/ 8:55 pm mdt/ 9:55 pm cdt/ 10:55 pm edt] joining in the Grand Fire Trine, still firing magical connections from yesterday–adds our communications genius into the fire trine–adding communications and messenger magic to the mix. barn-1364280_640We are alive with intelligence to share.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [11:18 pm pdt/ 12:18 am (late night) mdt/ 1:48 am cdt/ 2:48 am edt] offers a zesty late night – lightning bolt of awareness, clarity or breakthrough–even as we sleep. The dreamtime is shockingly alive tonight. Uranian power is in this night. There are hints and signs toward the “New World coming.”
MOON goes into the VOID with this conjunction, for the rest of the night, til morning.

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