July 17, 2016 – Out Of The Box Healing Actions – Lifted by Universal Light

MOON is in the VOID this morning. (between Sagittarius and Capricorn–the sign where the Full Moon will take place, first crossing Pluto before getting Full).

There are universal laws, codes, and boundaries that form our physical world. tennis-1381230_640We can trust these universal containment principles that hold us here in these bodies on this earth, in this galaxy, in time-space. There is a higher power than our own mind can comprehend, or needs to. In the midst of that dichotomy–that we may never fully “understand,” the underpinnings of our lives, there is still a constant and firm truth of next right action.

This next right action can be felt as we “align,” with the cosmos in the intent to be with the higher laws and principles of the universe. At this time–those higher laws codes and principles, are lifting us, in light, in information and in technologies of all kinds. We are offered a plethora of opportunity. It is our choice what to focus on. What to focus on?  This is the time of aligning with Divine Sacred Right Action.

MOON in Sagittarius TRINE URANUS in Aries moon-1353021_640[1:57 am pdt/ 2:57 am mdt/ 3:57 am cdt/ 4:57 am edt] pre-dawn–sends MOON into a VOID on the way to its Full Moon sign placement. This is one of the more magical trines in our sky. Fiery adventurous, creative, alive, divinely inspired, infusion of light, in the summer sun. What more could a living body want? Energy is rising toward the Full Moon on Tuesday! This trine is so geniusly creative, and miracle-conscious-possible. Throw your best problems, Questions, and Queries, into the bag of this universal light–tossing them in–to be transformed into vehicles of creative output restoring earth, communities and people as we fly toward our dreams and destiny. What do you need, want, dream, its possible today–and so is anything else, depending on who is driving the ship.

MARS TRINE CHIRON [4:42 am pdt/ 5:42 am mdt/ 6:42 am cdt/ 7:42 am edt] is a Divine Masculine water trine. Deep water. planet-937275_640We have the perfect alchemy for a Merkaba Light Vehicle Take-Off–A fire trine and a water trine. Our emotional body drives a vehicle of manifestation, so the more refined we can feel, the more refined we can live.
These two trines are: All a magician needs to do just about anything!

Chiron touches the deepest parts of us and Mars in Scorpio is a shaman of action. This is a day for self-Shamanism! (and the kind of shamanism that rattles and rolls the whole globe).

MOON enters Capricorn [12:33 pm pdt/ 1:33 pm mdt/ 2:33 pm cdt/ 3:33 pm edt]
and we enter sacred time. This sacred time is Pluto-Conscious. It is God-Power, Life-Power and Death-Power all in one. May we prepare to be brought into our power. the-eleventh-hour-758723_640Time to be strong, clear and in alignment, receiving the pulses of our soul’s map.

MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO Monday Evening. MOON IS FULL on Tuesday along with stretching consciousness and radical grace.

“You have been telling the people it is the eleventh hour, now you must go back and tell the people that THIS IS THE HOUR.” . . .

. . . . . . . .

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