July 14, 2016 – Deep Psychic Waters Growing

MOON is still in deep Scorpio today. Yesterday this Moon trined Neptune–making even deeper water to feel through–animals-15594_640while a MARS URANUS aspect added a volatility that is still in the air today.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [4:23 am pdt/ 5:23 am mdt/ 6:23 am cdt/ 7:23 edt] connects us to the uplifted energy of Jupiter’s door opening invisible light. From the deepest place we can feel within, from the dark closet, there is a light, opening the door, inviting insight, wisdom and new energy in.

SUN TRINE MOON [11:45 am pdt/ 12:45 pm mdt/ 1:45 pm cdt/ 2:45 pm edt] with MOON rising toward the big full moon this cycle with Pluto, is a grace moment. This is a good day to make connections that we need to make for the rest of the cycle. This is quite a cathartic cycle so one to pay attention to–as we rise toward this FULL MOON.

Full Moon is July 19th–with the volatile MOON-PLUTO divine-486226_640power conjunction on the 18th.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [3:22 pm pdt/ 4:22 pm mdt/ 5:22 pm cdt/ 6:22 pm edt] is an activation with some umf to it! Ready set Umf to life! We are receiving more life in. Time to begin new things, make moves and “jump up and live again,” like a renewed seed of the divine in form.

May this spark of life, volatile fire of movement and change, and big opening wisdom coming in, open us to more life, more spirit, more divine, and more of what we are.

Author’s Note – too much is happening with our wolf family to talk about at the bottom of these blogs–a summary is that each day is an adventure and a protection task. AzWWholePackThere is often someone “out to get,” the wolves or us for having them. This is a constant juggling of consciousness–to protect, correct, and restore the truth : these animals are not dangerous–they are kind. They will not hurt you unless you threaten something they love–like their children or family. Otherwise, they are kind and wise. I am here to speak for wolves to humans that “we are not your enemy, please stop killing and caging us. let us be free.” A book for teen girls about my wolf journey, will have more of the story inside. TO CONTRIBUTE TO SUPPORT US IN THIS MISSION, CLICK HERE TO DONATE ANY AMOUNT> ANY AMOUNT RECEIVED WITH SO MUCH GRATITUDE AND LOVE!

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