July 5, 2016 – Day after New Moon in Cancer – Going with the Flow – Rising Up like Lion when lifted by wave

seal-554678_640MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE ~ a small mind opportunity to grow with the flow [5:19 am pdt/ 6:19 am mdt/ 7:19 am cdt/ 8:19 am edt]. This aspect invites mental dissolution for a higher voice (aspect is in effect all day and into tomorrow–yesterday in the New Moon energy included) This is divine mythic time of opening our mouths at the impulses we feel from a divine calling within. When we are called to speak, its time to speak. From the flow of life, out our mouth in innocence and truth, the power shifts needed will and can occur in “grace and ease,” instead of resistance and war.

MOON enters Fire – Big Pretty-Mouthed Leo at [9:28 am pdt/ 10:28 am mdt/ 11:28 am cdt/ 12:28 pm edt]. This is creative paradise for anyone–this day. Creativity and Divinity hand in hand, and we are vehicles for this! cougar-478166_640
What do we need to rise out of anything not fluid and free? All sticky situations be gone! All stuck misuses of power, on repeat, on interupt pattern. The Flow is coming and she will absorb the quirks and kinks and smooth the whole pyche on earth. May all minds be soothed into peace, in preparation for the re-empowerment of the world at Full Moon. This re-empowerment will be toward divine right use of power and it will dissolve misuses elementally from the fabric of creation upon which we rest.

May we rise up like lions surfing on the waves that lift us.

sea-lion-1385659_640Although we know who we are, sometimes the distractions of the world around us are so diverse and concert that we “forget what we are here for in its purest,” or we allow ourselves to be distracted by “keeping the peace,” with our oppressive mythic world around us. The call now is to dismember the tyrannical world. We are called to dissolve all that oppresses us and others, we are called to rise and allow the flow of divine wisdom to come through us, freeing humanity. It is time. it is the season the wave is from the divine under us. We are only the mouthpieces. Nothing can stop this freedom coming. Its time to speak on behalf of reclaiming right use of power and its foundations in this world. Existence itself is ready for this shift in humanity. What a wave to surf. May we listen, surf and speak well in this cycle. May the source be with you! singapore-217990_640 To schedule a 30 minute for 30 reading (for summer 2016) – click here – we will visit your essence and infuse you with the clarity of your own truth, like a good mental shower–so you can rise in your natural wisdom and power.exoplanet-864602_640