July 4, 2016 – New Moon in Cancer – a cycle with Pluto – Power – Potential to Transform – Miracle Consciousness

HAPPY NEW MOON star people!

fireworks-71444_640The NEW MOON takes place at [4:01 am pdt/ 5:01 am mdt/ 6:01 am cdt/ 7:01 am edt]. It is in Cardinal (action, starter sign of water). Like mothers, we each must drive life like a chariot, focusing all that distracts, or misuses power, into a line, toward higher evolution, like a good Charioteer, or car-pool driver, or cat herder, Mama Cancer, can ring lead the chaos of the world into a garden of order, elementally aligned and raining on time.

This NEW MOON is surrounded by two outer planet aspects;

a MOON TRINE NEPTUNE just before [2:23 am pdt/ 3:23 pm mdt/ 4:23 am cdt/ 5:23 am edt] inviting the “go with the flow,” and “push off of the shore into the middle of the river,” energy. The key to this lunar cycle is a clear link to the divine and a surrender to the changes that are before us, being able to move with the changes in grace and flow, in intuition and listening. sparkler-677774_640This divine empowerment also adds miracle capability with clear intent.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO  happens just after the NEW MOON, bringing in a tight contact with the planet of POWER. [9:48 am pdt/ 10:48 am mdt/ 11:48 am cdt/ 12:48 am edt] a Moon Opposite Pluto invites the exposure of all misuses of power.  Right use of power connects us to the divine–empowerment, miracle consciousness, focusing our attention to transform a difficult or bad story, into a wise, healing or good one. We have the power to transform anything like lead into gold. PLUTO is a planet that can take us to hell or heaven, power over at its worst, or empowerment at its best. POWER is the fireworks-918856_640ingredient that is up for guidance this cycle. How will we use, temper, share, reveal, and expose misuses of power while empowering right use of power?

Since PLUTO can have explosive power, may we hold the world in grace and peace, the intention for all wars to be exposed and dismembered, with ease. May we hold the transformative power of explosives, in the palm of our hand and handle them with care, surround them in peace, and hold our brothers and sisters in the light, as volcanic eruptions are possible, eruptions of all kinds. May we receive these forces of power with grace and the power to transform–miracle consciousness.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [12:02 pm pdt/ 1:02 pm mdt/ 2:02 pm cdt/ 3:02 pm edt] offers expansion from the limitations at hand. We are able to free ourselves in this cycle–to break through anything.

girl-490836_640MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [6:09 pm pdt/ 7:09 pm mdt/ 8:09 pm cdt/ 10:09 pm edt] ~ the moon will most likely be invisible–since it is with the sun today. By the evening, it will move past the SUN to join VENUS. This joining is filled with love, beauty and the expressions of Venus. The Sacred Feminine is present this cycle, holding the power of the world in her hand, calling for purification, and right use of this force of life.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT SATURN [6:42 pm pdt/ 7:42 pm mdt/ 8:42 pm cdt/ 9:42 pm edt] is a time when silence is better than words. Work is better than slacking, and disciplining ourselves to our dreams is better than giving up. May we grow our messages close and silent in our hearts, in this cycle of power–perhaps to be released at Full Moon–July 19th 2016.

MOON TRINE MARS [9:44 pm pdt/ 10:44 pm mdt/ 11:44 pm cdt/ 12:44 am late night edt] is a home based action. Action is better than non action this cycle.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:29 pm pdt/ 12:29 am late night mdt/ 1:29 am cdt/ 2:29 am edt] is a New Moon with a miracle when one is needed. Tension arises, this day and this cycle: in this cycle, we revisit the Cardinal sign birth canal that has been wringing us out between era’s, wringing us into our evolution, challenging us to free ourselves from oppression. This birth cauldron has been made of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO and still is.

buddha-1053137_640May the excitement and focused power in this summer cycle be a focus of grace and miracle power tempering the opportunity for war. May we hold peace and know peace is all there is for now. Nothing else will work for now but peace amidst people and nations. May we be peace, think peace and breathe peace. May we envision a world of peace, see men putting their guns, swords and attitudes down. May women rise up and hold the world in peace.

flower-108149_640Blessings in this New Moon Cycle and Blessings in this Volatile Powerful time ~

Time to Plant our miracle seeds, Be ready for change and discipline our focus on our goals and dreams like good Pluto warriors!

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