July 2, 2016 – Forces beyond what we can see at work – Being with the Unknown

dragonfly-441624_640MOON, still in airy summer Gemini is inviting communications refinement, and refinement of all things through communications.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:25 am pdt/ 1:25 am mdt/ 2:25 am cdt/ 3:25 am edt] asks us to be with the “unknown,” perhaps or to understand that something much larger in perspective is at play in our world and its beyond what we can currently see. In a NEPTUNE SQUARE–water to air, big water to little mind, we are surrendering to a higher power at our best. Being flexible with watery things as they show the direction they are going.

SUN INCONJUNCT SATURN [6:52 am pdt/ 7:52 am mdt/ 8:52 am cdt/ 9:52 am edt] is a contact between our creativity and the discipline and organization of the third dimension. This is an opportunity to “get ducks in a row,” rubber-duck-1401225_640as ducks may be all over the place.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [9:15 am pdt/ 10:15 am mdt/ 11:15 am cdt/ 12:15 pm edt] is an expansion of personal comfort zones and expansion of personal outreach. Its the dark of the moon, waning at the low energy end of the old lunar cycle that was FULL in Sagittarius of the higher mind–(Jupiter’s sign). Now in this SQUARE we have an opportunity to do some completing and tying of loose ends into connected threads that expand our abundance-capacity.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [8:48 pm pdt/ 9:48 pm mdt/ 10:48 pm cdt/ 11:48 pm edt] is the sweetest aspect of the day–later tonight. Its a contact between the communications moon and the invisible magic-maker in Aries. Part of the “awakening cauldron with Pluto,” the Uranian motive these days is “breakthrough of old systems,” and changing into new ones that are more ducks-500753_640supportive of life. In our personal lives, this can relate to breaking through limiting beliefs that keep us from where the divine might take us.

May we surrender to the dark quiet peace of the unknown in the end of the cycle. Its the quite fertile time when seeds are preparing to go into the ground of the new cycle coming July 4th.

Moon enters the VOID for the rest of the night. Moon will enter mama Cancer, tomorrow morning for a mama Sunday in the dark. wire-mesh-1117740_640

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