July 1, 2016 – Overcoming Limitation through Intelligent Use of Boundaries

eagle-owl-1354969_640MOON enters Gemini early this morning [at 4:44 am pdt/ 5:44 am mdt/ 6:44 am cdt/ 7:44 am edt] we return to the sign where the FULL MOON in Sagittarius was anchored [June 20th at the Summer Solstice].  This energy of “opposites” brings a Full Circle kind of energy.  . . . toward the dark moon on Monday morning very early. . . now energy waning low and sleepy, inside, inside, deeper, letting go, letting go, into the dark quiet mothering unknown. There is a mama weekend coming. Big Mama on Saturday with Moon Square Neptune and Moon mama-1434707_640enters Cancer on Sunday morning.

When insecurity arises in people, (as it will in the dark time of the cycle), its time for “the mother,” wrap her around around in the dark smooth soft veils of compassion that only mothers can share.

Since “we don’t know, (all the answers) at the darkest time in the cycle” we can simply nurture our soul’s, toes and back bones in the dark silent-making energy.

This is a time to handle with care, it is a time that can feel “dark,” to people, because energetically, in an elemental physics kind of way, it is “darker,” personal-349256_640elementally.

How do we allow ourselves to be in the dark, holding the divine candle of grace? We can take salt and soda baths that pull out poisons. We can sit in circles to work out our differences, and pass home cooked colorful things.

In the dark time of the lunar cycle, today and this weekend: we can reassure each other with each one’s heart-candle.  We share cold or hot tea while a feather and talking stick is passed, in two directions. The feather-690512_640feather is for the things that should not be said alloud–it is an owl feather. The talking stick is for the things that are worthy of being said “into the circle.” . . . . “the circle,” is a place where insecurities, concerns and fears that arise in the dark, can be held in wisdom and wholeness of all views. The view from all sides is wise, and know that darkness falls, and eventually “the light returns.”

VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER today [12:18 pm pdt/ 1:18 pm mdt/ 2:18 pm cdt/ 3:18 pm edt] is a kiss from the creative expansive warm place that Jupiter holds for each of us. Our creative intelligence opens the way. swallowtail-butterfly-742554_640

MOON OPPOSES SATURN this evening and all day [11:03 pm pdt/ 12:03 am (late night) mdt/ 1:03 am cdt/ 2:03 am edt]. This is a full moon of boundaries. Its a boundary-making kind of day. The right relationships are aligning, boundaries where they are needed are being put into place. Boundaries for beauty is a nice way to work with both Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio. We are working on larger collective issues, and how we border-597383_640each personally work with the boundaries. (between people) and between people and animals, or people and the natural world.

Can we do boundaries in grace and not violently?

Heading into July 4th weekend: there is a NEW MOON on July 4th!  May we let go of the dark, as it releases itself, preparing for new creative light incoming on the 4th! May the drums roll and fire-crackers be recycled into inner heart creative fires, writing, painting and emitting our essences like wild fire.

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