June 29, 2016 – MARS STATIONARY DIRECT – Re-alignment day – for forward motion!

Mars stations to go direct [at 4:38 pm pdt/ 5:38 pm mdt/ 6:38 pm cdt/ 7:38 pm edt] this changing direction of MARS in Scorpio, is a deep deep shift for all of us from backward and digging deep, to stopping, re-aligning and moving forward. Today is re-alignment day!  . . .  part of a grand re-aligning. Our masculine space inside and out, the part of us that acts, the men in our life, the masculine within, it is stopping –what does that mean for us?

man-888591_640I always feeel this. So first feel into this and into what is TRUE for you in the shift! What is true for me is that I am brought to attention in my deepest healing work with the inner male in me. It reflects in my life uniquely and in my own way.

With CHIRON (planet of wounding or healing)– having stationed on Monday–to go RETROGRADE–takes us down on a healing journey back in time, just as MARS surfaces from “going back in time,” to going forward!!

MARS has been RETROGRADE–since April 17th, 2016 (around 2.5 months ago) ~ this stationary to retro point is a deep masculine consciousness point of learning and reconciliation. Today is the other side of this learning/ re-aligning parentheses.  Today–MARS goes direct! Forward motion in a re-aligned way. From the depths of our deep re-alignment work–we move forward.

bows-and-arrows-650474_640Mars has gone from fire to water, from Sag to Scorpio during this journey, inviting our deepest fears of betrayal and the underbelly of shadow of scorpio, as well as the grace that is possible, amidst any dark thing, when one is focused.

MOON into Taurus and MERCURY into Cancer bring groundedness and mama up under us for this shift forward.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [5:29 pm pdt/ 6:29 pm mdt/ 7:29 pm cdt/ 8:29 edt] offers a harmonic between a masculine and feminine wisdom, other than the ones in re-alignment. May we allow shared intelligence to be wiser with a balanced left and right brain, male and female perspectives, aiding each other.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE later tonight [10:58 pm pdt/ 11:58 pm mdt/ 12:58 am cdt late night/ 1:58 pm edt] offers peace to every creature at the end of this day.

peace-1302165_640May every breath bring more peace. . . . . may peace infiltrate every human mind, may peace increase on earth today from our good focus. and movement forward in peace.

Author’s note: often when I take a break from blogging as I have the last few days–I notice this joy in returning. I’m happy to return to all of you! Thank you for reading! (and for being your beautiful self–as you move forward mow!) Much Love!

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maikafer-1349739_640 On Monday, June 27, CHIRON Stations (stationed) to go RETROGRADE (pre-dawn). Chiron will be Retrograde for five months, changing direction again to go DIRECT on December 1, 2016.

Chiron has been traveling closely to NEPTUNE and Pisces for a number of years now, opening up the space for all of us to see that “this world,” and each person’s thoughts, is a kind of illusion. Not “this world is an illusion,” in the way we’ve heard that phrase a million times, but in the way that it is very real. The illusion is real–in the sense that it is real that we each make our own. Free Will and the creator gives us that power and option. In that context, when we become attached to anything, often what is reflected back is not “our way of seeing,” but another’s “illusion,” different from “our illusion.” frog-540812_640We may not ever “agree” on illusions here, but we can all agree that we are each given this power and that we are each alive and a part of the ONE creator. Together we are all connected to the same source of life on earth. Even with extreme differences of perception or opinion, even if the perceptions are dark or scary. We have the power to create our own “illusion,” and –in an even more “real way,” when we are clear about “our illusion,” we can draw a boundary or “make a rule.” For example: “In my illusion, I am honored and able to carry forth my visions, goals and dreams with grace and ease, with no opposition, because that is my “vision” that I create and hold with firmness.”

We each have the power to draw our own “living vision” around us and live it. No one can interfere if we are firm. It is time to take this responsibility and be firm with our own “illusion,” especially the “illusions” of peace and a future of a golden era. It is time to “hold these stories with firmness,” as if our “golden age” depended on them. (because it does).flower-1356584_640

The separation between perceptual natures of people can create tension and suffering for both people. To heal suffering, to put the broken “humpty dumpty” back together again–it takes “seeing beyond the physical,” to “what is really going on,” in the higher (and lower)–invisible realms behind the visible.

Perhaps all that is going on is the extreme honor of every being. So much honor that each being is free to create whatever he/she desires and puts forward, in belief and mental construct. For our mind is the way of creation. Our perception is a choice and how we create (our illusion).

young-791790_640We may have opportunities to take full responsibility, as Chiron retrogrades, for our, perceived need for healing, in separation to wholeness in connected vision. May we see past what seems: “different,” or even “limited,” or even “negative,” or “off of our own truth,” minds around us–compassionately and with acceptance, while we live our own truth ? “Our truth,” so to speak,” has a deep time of calling us from within–in all the ways we are ever hurt, we are called to our deeper truth.  May our perceptual nature serve our soul. May we see the potential for godliness and grace in all things before us.  And call that forth! Aho! 

It is honoring to allow others to live “the illusion of their choice.” However we cannot honor ourselves if we compromise or sabotage our own vision, or “illusion,” with anothers’, and yet, “how can we work together,” since that is also called for!! . . . . . if it does not resonate. Its ok for many beings to have many different realities on one planet. That is what we have.

forest-483206_640As CHIRON RETROGRADES, can we take deeper responsibility for every pain, wound or inconsistency in our lives, by “seeing deeper?” Can we look past the physical and into the invisible to see “what is going on,” in the places we are perplexed or caught? What is behind it? What is invisible? What can we “see,” that creates healing for us from invisible to visible?

abstract-1089802_640The secret key, of a CHIRON mastery, is “the invisible world.” Chiron is sometimes called the “Rainbow Bridge,” between SATURN and URANUS. These two planets seem to frame reality between what is visible and what is invisible. We can feel extremely “wounded,” when we are in the “small-minded world,” and we see or take things “personally.” When we look more deeply, into the invisible world, there is a more revelatory, all-fits-together-kind-of-understanding and a separate wound becomes a whole being. Each being has  aunique soul essence with both pain and joy to define it as unique, revealing its true essence.

flowers-728811_640. . . . . . . .

Chiron is a deep place within each of us. Blessings to our deepest places of feeling, healing and growth. May we see past the pain, into the connected wisdom.
. . . . 

Author’s Note: Monday was the focal point for deep inner work and deep inner changes taking place after spending time at Devi Bava, staying up all night then all the next day in Santa Fe. Deep movements within me, and my re-taking-on-more of the physical responsibility again for the wolf-dogs, (my ally here was doing more of that for a while that was allowing me to write and be on computer more)–I like both jobs! Being with the animals more and allowing this deep shift, had me offline and not blogging and through such a magnificent and deeply innerly moving time. I apologize for my absence during this powerful time, as Chiron and Mars both changed directions! May the force and source of direction be with you!

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June 23, 2016 – Call for Restructuring of Community – Intention, Intention, Intention!!

elk-silhouette-616585_640MOON in Aquarius invites : community, community, community. This is not necessarily the “community,” we may have thought of in the past. We are calling in “a new way of being in community,” this is a new way for a new era, still forming.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN (Aquarius to Sagittarius)–[10:28 am pdt/ 11:28 am mdt/ 12:28 pm cdt/ 1:28 pm edt] invites expanded community structures that will allow us to move forward as a healthier global community. SATURN is calling for our ascended and clear intention, that will carry us into the new era, forming the “new more Aquarian systems” now called for. The designers of these new systems: are called now: please set your intentions–even if secret of invisible–set them NOW! typewriter-1062697_640 This call to set modern day intention, to follow ancient Soul directives, comes from SATURN RETROGRADING now in Sagittarius. In the “higher mind plan,” what did we come here to do: its time to do the “admin work,” on behalf of our own soul’s directives.

What would you create as a creator of new infrastructure for the global community? What is needed? What would you orchistrate, or design as a new system? These tasks: don’t have to seem easy, or even “doable,” just the intent, the dream, the “new story,” is all we need to begin. And if you are deep in the building of new infrastrcutre–Saturn will gift you with more support today! Hallelujah! We can forge our way one day at a time, toward the new forms we know we are called to create. The energies are asking us to “step forward,” and take the responsibilities that we have wisdom inside lead.

CAN YOU HEAR THE CALL?  Can you hear the animals calling for our help?

lion-859470_640MOON TRINE MERCURY [10:48 pm pdt/ 11:48 pm mdt/ 12:48 am late night cdt/ 1:48 am edt] Airy mental genius within, do you hear the call from nature, from the animals, from the earth herself? What are you called to lead?

What are you called in your wisdom to host in the form of a new structure for the emerging new world, in the crumbling ashes of the old one now dying??  How can you communicate your intentions? How can you ask for colllaboration? How can you communicate, speak to one or two people, to take your next revolutionary step toward a healthier global community?

. . . . .

Author’s Note: We have not yet built a fence for the wolves! We are still ‘making do,’ with long leashes always supervised–leashes now in this field hooked to heavy logs placed around the field. AzWWholePackSomeone has to constantly detangle the 30 foot things from each other and brush (all day long) a fence would allow the animals to have some relief from collars and leashes–that can’t feel too good–like a tight tie around one’s neck with a cord hanging off it. Oh My! To the right–what happens when I first approach the pack–you may not see them but they are all on long leashes!

Donations needed for fence building! Even small ones help!  Thank you! We love you! Aooooooowwww!!

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June 22, 2016 – Moon VOID morning – Community Afternoon

MOON SEXTILE MARS and SQUARE URANUS is a wild free activation, (both pre-dawn) —leopard-805089_640 ignighting the anger, fuel, provacative challenge and invitation, to flee the uptight, over-defined places that we land in a third dimensional experience–sometimes. The URANUS SQUARE will bring up the places where our freedom is challenged and call us into the actions and preparations to be truly free, in whatever that means to us at this time. We are each called to be truly FREE here on earth. What does it mean to you to be truly Free?

MOON enters Aquarius [1:08 pm pdt/ 2:08  pm mdt/ 3:08 pm cdt/ 4:08 pm edt] giving us a Uranian inspired invitation to community. seminar-743932_640Community is the salvation of the darker sides of Saturnian limitation. The lighter side of community happens in the ways that we “set each other free,” of judgement and negative talk. Sometimes the limitation talk is worse than the truth. When we can “set each other free,” of fears and limitations with humor, and stories that remind us of wholeness and the reason for everything. This is a day for us to “set each other free.”

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER [3:59 pm pdt/ 4:59 pm mdt/ 5:59 pm cdt/ 6:59  pm edt] is the small mind invited to stretch into . . . . more freedom. This freedom called for is a freedom from “stress,” that happens due to the un-freed limitations in the mind. May we “free our mind” today in the expanded space available. May bee-208239_640we allow over-rigid thinking to dissolve in the fluid expansive energy of Jupiter’s graces.  May we “follow the flowering.”

MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO [10:39 pm pdt/ 11:39 pm mdt/ 12:39 am late night–cdt/ 1:39 am edt] is an awkward and somewhat annoying voice from the “other side.” There is power moving, deep soul, emotions, and a death/rebirth energy of shifting. Our psyche’s and minds may feel overwhelmed or “pressured,” by these changes. unicorn-938646_640

May we let go of the limitations in the mind, and hold intent for the wisdom and solutions we call for to arise, in their own way, their own time. We will know what to do, we can let go for now, and let the knowings arise.

Author’s Note: Relational challenges arise and fall. Sometimes the co-creators and helpers who are here feel like real allies and sometimes they feel like nemesis’. The Uranus Square Pluto contact almost always “stirs the pot,” of relationships, internal and external–exposing the rigidities that are needing to be “broken through.” I’m a little tired from this. The pack is extremely relational too! They have their own encounters with people and their thoughts–oh my! I am learning how to be their best ally too–in all this. Feeling financially pressured, in this un-natural way–as I perceive it–not necessarily connected to the real earth or the real needs of communities–the money system seems to depress people. I do hope this can shift so more joy can enter the whole sphere.  Money seems to “make the world go round,” even though I know its “the sun,” not dollar bills that matter most. Still–dollar bills seem to be a power source–here–for now. If you appreciate this blog and would like to free us a little : by sending dollars, please click here: Any amount welcome and appreciated!

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June 21, 2015 – Grounding incoming light into form

MOON is now in Capricorn of earth, klee-950804_640following Full Moon Sagittarius. We are still in a death rebirth pressure cooking tunnel of transit from old world to new world. Its not really so easy for a mind, a culture, a family, to move from an old way, an old world, based on old systems, into a new one, especially when most of the “new systems,” are not yet visibly in place. So we see more of the death and decay of the old systems–visually–than we do the emerging new ones, still seemingly quiet and under-revealed.

MOON moves clover-1185568_640toward the catharsis/death/rebirth–maker–PLUTO, today, in Capricorn. Meanwhile, SEXTILING NEPTUNE and TRINING JUPITERmaking outer planet net of grace and support, even with the intense death/rebirth going on. We are held by a larger divine plan–today that plan may be tangible, feelable, like even if we can’t see it, there is some grace underneath our falls, stretches and uneasy unknowns.

MOON TRINEirish-845387_640 JUPITER is exact at [10:59 am pdt/ 11:59 am mdt/ 12:59 pm cdt/ 1:59 pm edt] this is a grounded expansion. This is a day of good luck! Good Luck is more common when we feel supported and “in our own power,” so we must have this as a grounded experience of roots, and bowls, cauldrons and ears. In order to receive abundance, good luck and magical directives, we must be “listening,” to those higher directives.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO–POWER aspect, DEATH and REBIRTH clover-1109014_640moment of the lunar cycle.  [12:16 pm pdt/ 1:16 pm mdt/ 2:16 pm cdt/ 3:16 pm edt] invites us to connect to our intimate perspective–not the small-minded-conditioned-fear-based-one, but the one that comes from our essence and soul–orientation. A potter and an architect will each see the world in a unique way. Our way of being and seeing, storytelling and appearing is essential to the New World coming. Each of us is an ingredient in a higher (and deeper down to earth) unfolding.

May you have good luck!

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four-leaf-clover-978544_640Author’s Note: It is super hot hot hot in Mora, New Mexico. The wolves are each hooked to a favorite shadey tree with a wire covered leash, and then we go out and untangle or move them as needed. Sometimes on these hot days, each one digs down into the dirt and curls up in the shade. This morning three of them were wrestling like the big beings they are–with the leashes on–I was amazed they were able to do this–I see them all getting better at mastering the leashes and still doing what they want to do. If anything goes wrong, we are in “listening distance,” and they let us know. They are never left alone–that is an important part of shepherding such a pack amidst a world of human beings!

Any donations will go toward the air conditioner I need to buy for the animals today–and fencing supplies so the pack can have an outdoor enclosure off the house for at night. its a little too hot at the hottest point, even in the shade under the trees, so we are upgrading their experience (and ours)–today with air-conditioning!  I tried pouring water over them to coool them down and they don’t like that. I might try a kids pool soon though.

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