June 29, 2016 – MARS STATIONARY DIRECT – Re-alignment day – for forward motion!

Mars stations to go direct [at 4:38 pm pdt/ 5:38 pm mdt/ 6:38 pm cdt/ 7:38 pm edt] this changing direction of MARS in Scorpio, is a deep deep shift for all of us from backward and digging deep, to stopping, re-aligning and moving forward. Today is re-alignment day!  . . .  part of a grand re-aligning. Our masculine space inside and out, the part of us that acts, the men in our life, the masculine within, it is stopping –what does that mean for us?

man-888591_640I always feeel this. So first feel into this and into what is TRUE for you in the shift! What is true for me is that I am brought to attention in my deepest healing work with the inner male in me. It reflects in my life uniquely and in my own way.

With CHIRON (planet of wounding or healing)– having stationed on Monday–to go RETROGRADE–takes us down on a healing journey back in time, just as MARS surfaces from “going back in time,” to going forward!!

MARS has been RETROGRADE–since April 17th, 2016 (around 2.5 months ago) ~ this stationary to retro point is a deep masculine consciousness point of learning and reconciliation. Today is the other side of this learning/ re-aligning parentheses.  Today–MARS goes direct! Forward motion in a re-aligned way. From the depths of our deep re-alignment work–we move forward.

bows-and-arrows-650474_640Mars has gone from fire to water, from Sag to Scorpio during this journey, inviting our deepest fears of betrayal and the underbelly of shadow of scorpio, as well as the grace that is possible, amidst any dark thing, when one is focused.

MOON into Taurus and MERCURY into Cancer bring groundedness and mama up under us for this shift forward.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [5:29 pm pdt/ 6:29 pm mdt/ 7:29 pm cdt/ 8:29 edt] offers a harmonic between a masculine and feminine wisdom, other than the ones in re-alignment. May we allow shared intelligence to be wiser with a balanced left and right brain, male and female perspectives, aiding each other.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE later tonight [10:58 pm pdt/ 11:58 pm mdt/ 12:58 am cdt late night/ 1:58 pm edt] offers peace to every creature at the end of this day.

peace-1302165_640May every breath bring more peace. . . . . may peace infiltrate every human mind, may peace increase on earth today from our good focus. and movement forward in peace.

Author’s note: often when I take a break from blogging as I have the last few days–I notice this joy in returning. I’m happy to return to all of you! Thank you for reading! (and for being your beautiful self–as you move forward mow!) Much Love!

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