June 22, 2016 – Moon VOID morning – Community Afternoon

MOON SEXTILE MARS and SQUARE URANUS is a wild free activation, (both pre-dawn) —leopard-805089_640 ignighting the anger, fuel, provacative challenge and invitation, to flee the uptight, over-defined places that we land in a third dimensional experience–sometimes. The URANUS SQUARE will bring up the places where our freedom is challenged and call us into the actions and preparations to be truly free, in whatever that means to us at this time. We are each called to be truly FREE here on earth. What does it mean to you to be truly Free?

MOON enters Aquarius [1:08 pm pdt/ 2:08  pm mdt/ 3:08 pm cdt/ 4:08 pm edt] giving us a Uranian inspired invitation to community. seminar-743932_640Community is the salvation of the darker sides of Saturnian limitation. The lighter side of community happens in the ways that we “set each other free,” of judgement and negative talk. Sometimes the limitation talk is worse than the truth. When we can “set each other free,” of fears and limitations with humor, and stories that remind us of wholeness and the reason for everything. This is a day for us to “set each other free.”

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER [3:59 pm pdt/ 4:59 pm mdt/ 5:59 pm cdt/ 6:59  pm edt] is the small mind invited to stretch into . . . . more freedom. This freedom called for is a freedom from “stress,” that happens due to the un-freed limitations in the mind. May we “free our mind” today in the expanded space available. May bee-208239_640we allow over-rigid thinking to dissolve in the fluid expansive energy of Jupiter’s graces.  May we “follow the flowering.”

MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO [10:39 pm pdt/ 11:39 pm mdt/ 12:39 am late night–cdt/ 1:39 am edt] is an awkward and somewhat annoying voice from the “other side.” There is power moving, deep soul, emotions, and a death/rebirth energy of shifting. Our psyche’s and minds may feel overwhelmed or “pressured,” by these changes. unicorn-938646_640

May we let go of the limitations in the mind, and hold intent for the wisdom and solutions we call for to arise, in their own way, their own time. We will know what to do, we can let go for now, and let the knowings arise.

Author’s Note: Relational challenges arise and fall. Sometimes the co-creators and helpers who are here feel like real allies and sometimes they feel like nemesis’. The Uranus Square Pluto contact almost always “stirs the pot,” of relationships, internal and external–exposing the rigidities that are needing to be “broken through.” I’m a little tired from this. The pack is extremely relational too! They have their own encounters with people and their thoughts–oh my! I am learning how to be their best ally too–in all this. Feeling financially pressured, in this un-natural way–as I perceive it–not necessarily connected to the real earth or the real needs of communities–the money system seems to depress people. I do hope this can shift so more joy can enter the whole sphere.  Money seems to “make the world go round,” even though I know its “the sun,” not dollar bills that matter most. Still–dollar bills seem to be a power source–here–for now. If you appreciate this blog and would like to free us a little : by sending dollars, please click here: Any amount welcome and appreciated!

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