June 21, 2015 – Grounding incoming light into form

MOON is now in Capricorn of earth, klee-950804_640following Full Moon Sagittarius. We are still in a death rebirth pressure cooking tunnel of transit from old world to new world. Its not really so easy for a mind, a culture, a family, to move from an old way, an old world, based on old systems, into a new one, especially when most of the “new systems,” are not yet visibly in place. So we see more of the death and decay of the old systems–visually–than we do the emerging new ones, still seemingly quiet and under-revealed.

MOON moves clover-1185568_640toward the catharsis/death/rebirth–maker–PLUTO, today, in Capricorn. Meanwhile, SEXTILING NEPTUNE and TRINING JUPITERmaking outer planet net of grace and support, even with the intense death/rebirth going on. We are held by a larger divine plan–today that plan may be tangible, feelable, like even if we can’t see it, there is some grace underneath our falls, stretches and uneasy unknowns.

MOON TRINEirish-845387_640 JUPITER is exact at [10:59 am pdt/ 11:59 am mdt/ 12:59 pm cdt/ 1:59 pm edt] this is a grounded expansion. This is a day of good luck! Good Luck is more common when we feel supported and “in our own power,” so we must have this as a grounded experience of roots, and bowls, cauldrons and ears. In order to receive abundance, good luck and magical directives, we must be “listening,” to those higher directives.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO–POWER aspect, DEATH and REBIRTH clover-1109014_640moment of the lunar cycle.  [12:16 pm pdt/ 1:16 pm mdt/ 2:16 pm cdt/ 3:16 pm edt] invites us to connect to our intimate perspective–not the small-minded-conditioned-fear-based-one, but the one that comes from our essence and soul–orientation. A potter and an architect will each see the world in a unique way. Our way of being and seeing, storytelling and appearing is essential to the New World coming. Each of us is an ingredient in a higher (and deeper down to earth) unfolding.

May you have good luck!

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four-leaf-clover-978544_640Author’s Note: It is super hot hot hot in Mora, New Mexico. The wolves are each hooked to a favorite shadey tree with a wire covered leash, and then we go out and untangle or move them as needed. Sometimes on these hot days, each one digs down into the dirt and curls up in the shade. This morning three of them were wrestling like the big beings they are–with the leashes on–I was amazed they were able to do this–I see them all getting better at mastering the leashes and still doing what they want to do. If anything goes wrong, we are in “listening distance,” and they let us know. They are never left alone–that is an important part of shepherding such a pack amidst a world of human beings!

Any donations will go toward the air conditioner I need to buy for the animals today–and fencing supplies so the pack can have an outdoor enclosure off the house for at night. its a little too hot at the hottest point, even in the shade under the trees, so we are upgrading their experience (and ours)–today with air-conditioning!  I tried pouring water over them to coool them down and they don’t like that. I might try a kids pool soon though.

TO donate to the wolf pack support – food, fencing and air conditioning, PLEASE CLICK HERE and donate any amount. We ALL appreciate it!AzWpackBlue