June 20, 2016 – Happy Summer Solstice Full Moon Monday ! Peak of Solar Light ~

SUN OPPOSITE MOON (FULL MOON) in Sagittarius  volcanoes-511306_640is early this morning : [4:02 am pdt/ 5:02 am mdt/ 6:02 am cdt/ 7:02 am edt] This fiery peak of Fullness is syncronized with the longest lightest day of the year–Summer Solstice. In its most simple identification–this is the peak of fiery solar light in our seasonal year, guided by varying levels of light. This is the fiery push of expanded light. The Full Moon in Sagittarius–is like an “arrows to heaven,” kind of dialogue with the heavens. It is a time of messages from the “higher mind.”

This early morning Full Moon opens a small VOID, until MOON enters Capricorn, from Full Sagittarius, grounding the fullness into form. landscape-693080_640[4:55 am pdt/ 5:55 am mdt/ 6:55 am cdt/ 7:55 edt]

MOON now in Capricorn, moves into the Cardinal cross, where the leaders and starters of every element are engaged in a square-dance of opposites and balancing acts to create new systems, while old one’s are falling, crumbled by Pluto’s truth-telling and wrecking ball of deception.  Since the old systems had and have a lot of untruths and deception in their roots and foundations, they are vulnerable and exposed to Pluto’s wrecking ball of truth. Only truthful authentic motives under systems will survive the wrecking ball’s invisible truth-seeing eye.  Every time the MOON enters Capricorn, we come personally close to this transformative wrecking ball. MOON joins PLUTO in exact conjunction tomorrow afternoon.

MERCURY, now travelling through mutable Gemini, fantasy-400042_640(its airy home sign)–is guiding us through even more mental transformation, as it contacts the outer planets in SQUARE: NEPTUNE and SATURN. These opposites are teaching balance between boundaries and surrender, between listening and firmness, between banks of a river and the flow of water.

MERCURY OPPOSITE SATURN reminds us not to struggle with things that are tiny. [7:55 am pdt/ 8:55 am mdt/ 9:55 am cdt/ 10:55 am edt]. Its also good to remember that the small mind is only meant to be an administrative assistant to the “undefinable uncontainable God energy within us,” flowing through but ungraspable and not always definable. Our mind, loving to define, must navigate its purpose, as a servant of the divine not a critic of humanity.

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE aquarium-702583_640[10:11 am pdt 11:11 am mdt/ 12:11 pm cdt/ 1:11 pm edt] is a corner in our mind, working with the divine, larger energies or collective movements that may or may not be easy for us to accept or understand. Confusion, fogginess, or changy energy can be present in this square. Its good to “let go of the over-attached-to-detailed-descriptions-mind” and allow the fluid energies of water and spirit to overwhelm us, flow in and find their way into translations and applications over time.

We’ve just received “a lot,” of new energy and new light, new information and new suns-rays-478249_640waves of sensory information–in this unusual peak of solar and lunar light this past weekend–rising–peaking today–then sliding off the peak over the next few days–small actions may assist us in integrating all that we have recently received. This square is a tension point between flowing etheric water and mental air. Now that we are hitting the peak of light, it is integration and dissemenation time.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [11:51 am pdt/ 12:51 pm mdt/ 1:51 pm cdt/ 2:51 pm edt] brings us to a revelation and change point in love, creativity, money and beautiful life. There is tension and transformation. woman-1244529_640This peak of light is not a place of rest, or “stay sameness,” quite the opposite, we are here to “change everything,” overnight sometimes, and with love, for love and in service to our heart.

SUN enters the cardinal sign of Cancer [3:34 pm pdt/ 4:34 pm mdt/ 5:34 pm cdt/ 6:34 pm edt] marking the exact time of SUMMER SOLSTICE 2016–and the beginning of the second half of summer.

MOON RISE this evening is moon-961850_640[9:08 pm pdt/ 10:08 pm mdt/ 11:08 pm cdt/ 12:08 am edt] a moment to behold–as the ball of light at its peak, rises to look upon us, and we are able to meet light-eyes with the MOON herself, as she rises, FULL, into our FULL MOON night.

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Happy Full Moon and Summer Solstice from the author of Star Weather Whale! :

pegasus-696728_640May your unique essence, filled with light, now flower and take flight, in its truth and wings, air of spirit.
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