June 18, 2016 – Kick (& love) Your Own Ass Kind O Day! ~ Big FULL MOON and FULL SUN coming!

halo-1455269_640Well–I would love to say–these aspects are so lovely we can ascend into joyful Full Moon revelry–and hopefully some can do just that, as the light of both sun and moon is rising and fruiting into a peak of expression. This is not a “quiet” time–its peak opposite of the cold dead of winter. Inside of us, all kinds of paradoxes and dialogues are taking place. There are all kinds of characters, opinions, thoughts and requirements of others, and all of the mental attachments of each mind, all at play–at their peak.

I wish I could say this is a wonderous time–because it is–an energetic peak–and yet I know the peak is in the areas of human mental experience. Gemini and Sagattarius hold the polarizing rising Full Moon and the FULL MERCURY of today.

image-949473_640Each human mind is like a world of creation, then add them all together into a soup with a lot of different ingredients and we have earth, ascending now–like it or not.

Our minds have to change in order for the ascension and changing processes to happen that will happen nomatter who happens to live through them and how creatively we move through them (or not).  The more creative we are, the more potentially joyful and uplifted we can be.

As an Astrologer, I can see that amidst the miracles and turmoil, good thoughts and bad thoughts, and the “two voices,” the white angel and the dark angel, one whispering in one ear and one in the other–which will win? That old wise story: “the one we feed.” It is time to be very aware of what we are feeding. Can we become more conscious of our own contribution to the earth creation? Can we be aware of how our thoughts, words, relationships and perceptions contribute to the whole big situation?  With a bunch of polarized aspects peaking–its time to bring peace to every situation. Peace to all of the conflicted minds.

What is our real roll here? This is one of those days to “kick our own ass,” playful-828594_640or someone else will. (possibly). I wish it were more gentle–its a little intense for a star faery to see the embroiled polarities afire on earth. However most of us are here to bring solutions, peace and the way that things can work in a free world.

RISING MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [11:48 am pdt/ 12:48 pm mdt/ 1:48 pm cdt/ 2:48 pm edt] is a polarization of the mind. The small mind and the big mind, or two perspectives. The view of life from each mind can really be unique. Even though many men and women may look upon one happening, it is seen from each one’s own view–so different. This diversity is a blessing and a curse for humanity. Today is one of those days to balance the blessings and curses of this gift of mind.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in Sagittarius is a giant shift, meditation-1087852_640tightening, refocusing, re-aligning. [6:07 pm pdt/ 7:07 pm mdt/ 8:07 pm cdt/ 9:07 pm edt] our higher self mind. We are called to allow the “higher mind” to lead, communicate and find solutions, overcoming every appearing challenge or paradox, with wisdom humor and actions of the wholeness-rooted heart. SATURN calls us to focus, intention, and mastery, as well as tending the infrastructural physical world. Saturn likes “no bullshit,” no lies, and no fluffy stuff. Its a bit of a switch for Sagittarius–who can be flippant or distracted at times. Saturn calls our scattered selves into focus.

RISING MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [6:14 pm pdt/ 7:14 pm mdt/ 8:14 pm cdt/ 9:14 pm edt] is a tension point in the Grand Cross in mutable signs. This cross is always silently there, within each of us and within life. There are naturally inherent oppositions and squares in life that we are always with. This is one of them–between Sagittarius and Pisces. Neptune in Pisces is an idealistic, soft, sensitive, silent imagination that can craft the most beautiful experiences humans ever have. fairy-tale-world-1185228_640Sagittarius–given both higher mind and egoic blah–must work its own mind-problems out in order to allow the fluid divinely-guided power of the imaginal world to have its way into our limited mind. The best thing we can do is surrender to our imaginal world, with the help of the higher self. May the higher self “know what to say,” to balance the polarized minds, while we make way for the imaginal creative solutions flowing through. May we make structure, form and banks for the river of creative genius the divine is sending us now. May we only limit the limits. May we work with limitation to create a fluid flow of solutions.

MARS INCONJUNCT URANUS [10:55 pm pdt/ 11:55 pm mdt/ 12:55 pm cdt/ 1:55 pm edt] is more reason we need extra focus on peace during this time as this is both provocative and action-oriented. It is fiery and can stir frustration or anger. This frustration or anger is meant to be fuel for the fires of genius and creative solution. The solutions are there, however may be in pieces or parts. grey-heron-139979_640They will come together over time, even if it seems impossible. That is the magic of invisible intent. Prayers, and requests of the divine within limited 3-D. It expands into miracles and inconceivable happenings that arrive “just in time.” This is a wonderful time to “ask for what is needed,” again and again until the flow of grace is good and flowing.
. . . . . . .

Author’s Note: Each day is a new adventure with a pack of wolf dogs. We do have a rythm established now at this location. And there is so much fear about these animals that the social relations are ongoing. The love and bond is as deep as parents and children, that is what happens when we birth and raise someone. The bond runs deep. So we are one now, and it is a new life with extensions of such fur. I extend myself into the public relationship of wolves and men, not because I chose it, but out of so much love and bonding–with my wolf family. I commit (and have committed) to my heart–deeply. Our website is being worked right now. Oh my the part of me that wishes it were all done now–Saturn’s work of patience and one step at a time. Website coming soon for wolf project! Donations are needed! You can donate any amount by clicking HERE:winter-wolf HOWLHAPPY FULL MOON SUMMER SOLSTICE coming Monday morning!