June 14, 2016 – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution ~ (again and again) ~

alphabet-word-images-1294992_640  SUN SEXTILE URANUS late in the night: [12:53 am pdt/ 1:53 am mdt/ 2:53 am cdt/ 3:53 am edt] is a flight-filled, futuristic revolution. It often begins with a surpirsing message, or shocking truth, that spurs us into creative activity, problem solving or genius. Today there is enough of this kind of fresh revolutionary light, to light every problem on sacred fire.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [3:26 am pdt/ 4:26 am mdt/ 5:26 am cdt/ 6:26 am edt] this morning: is a personal contact with the revolution that is still growing us through the birth canal. The birth canal from the old world to a new world yet unborn.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [5:32 am pdt/ 6:32 am mdt/ 7:32 am cdt/ 8:32 am edt] is a morning break through. Whether the conversation from Orlando, revolution-743467_640has spurred a revolution within, or we are in the revolution of free energy–one revolution or another–the world is on sacred fire and will be for the next ten to twenty to thirty years–while the “old world,” within people continues to have its death fit, while the New World glides peacefully, silently into the cracks–still invisible to the naked eye.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:57 pm pdt/ 7:57 pm mdt/ 8:57 pm cdt/ 9:57 pm edt] this evening brings a sweet harmony and music to this Tuesday night. From the eruptive revolution-filled morning–to a sweet dancing night–its a summer where the new world is coming through the ethers.

SUN INCONJUNCT MARS [10:31 pm pdt/ 11:31 pm mdt/ 12:31 am cdt/ 1:31 (late night) edt] might be a frustration between peeps. Especially men, masculine energies or the incongruent and differing wills and ideas of the many. Diversity can be healthy for a garden and the ground for a battle or struggle in the human mind. The human mind is being broken down of its violence and judgement. This is what that looks like. We are becoming a more heart-centered-kinder woman-927230_640world–over time–this is what that looks like–it appears. Sometimes “the opposite,” of what is coming, appears first–perhaps to be cleared out of the way, perhaps to ask for our clarification of intent, and vision, fortitude and patience.

May all the struggles and unknowns be our “sacred work,” while all the fire with us now–may it be sacred fire of life, moving through us in harmony with the rythm of all of life, in a whole big divinely wise movement, transitioning between worlds.


. . . . . .

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