June 12, 2016 – First Quarter Moon Rising – Masculine-Feminine-Healing – VOID Moon Day –

stars-1150667_640SUN SQUARE MOON [1:10am pdt/ 2:10 am mdt/ 3:10 am cdt/ 4:10 am edt] brings us to the second quarter of the lunar cycle. Now we cross from the darker lower energy, more “unknown -filled” part of the cycle to the part we can more clearly “SEE” and manifest fruitions.  The LIGHT SIDE of the lunar cycle, rising–is my personal and many people’s favorite part of the lunar cycle– and perhaps the most exhilerating–as we ride the current of our own creations, up to their fullness and natural flowering–a mystical magic between ourselves and the fabric of life that reflects it back–re-seeing our own situations in new light.

MARS TRINE CHIRON--early morning–[4:10 am pdt/ 5:10 am mdt/ 6:10 am cdt/ 7:10 am edt] is the aspect that invites feminine and masculine healing. MARS is RETROGRADE in deep shamanic scorpio, and the shadow of man being cleared and healed by his own awareness. hand-1156837_640

Within her feeling and intuiting world–she works–as the VENUS in all of us is SQUARE THE MOON also this morning [4:26 am pdt/ 5:26 am mdt/ 6:26 am cdt/ 7:26 am edt] emphasizing the deep heart and soul-work of the day today. Starting early this morning we work this square of inner tests each one. A diversity of work is here today–deep inner work.

MOON SEXTILE MARS – [7:47 am pdt/ 8:47 am mdt/ 9:47 am cdt/ 10:47 am edt] sends the MOON into the VOID for the rest of the day.  This VOID joins the NEPTUNE slowing motion to allow a LOT Of Neptunian, spacey, slippery, dreamy energy. We can have a day of our choice–up to our imagination.

kiss-1363077_640VENUS SEXTILES URANUS – in the middle of this slippery VOID, brings in a dose of fresh new energy. With our imagination as a tool, and Neptunian illusion slowing to make revisions, shifts and changes and to go back over the experiences we’ve lived over the last segment of our lives.  What stories have we lived? What lives in our imagination due to our recent experiences? Today’s invisible dose of creativity–comes in the midst of Neptunes imaginal re-vision, re-view and re-organizing energy.

MERCURY enters Gemini, joining the SUN: there now. [4:22 pm pdt/ 5:22 pm mdt/ 6:22 pm cdt/ 7:22 pm edt] adding air to the Firey SATURN, and URANUS in Sag and Aries. Lifting us toward the airy fiery eruptive flight of the Full Moon coming. The Sagittarius Full Moon coming is at the very end of both signs. In the later degrees, we are called to Mastery. This Full Moon with its higher mind and mastery of words–called for–we are challenged in this area to show up and be the fruitions we are called to be. We are flowering–and our higher-self mind is needed.

sea-green-1239216_640MOON enters Libra, from earthen grounded Virgo–[5:33 pm pdt/ 6:33 pm mdt/ 7:33 pm ct/ 8:33 pm edt], bringing even more air, to the fire and air of this summer! This is the mid summer creative big light time! The MOON in Libra is airy in our relationships, bringing fresh breezes to clear the old thoughts from the past. It ends the VOID of today. This Sunday evening as communications energies are buzzing, Monday morning might want to start Sunday evening. With NEPTUNE slowing, the days may slip into one another.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [5:42 pm pdt/ 6:42 mdt/ 7:42 pm cdt/ 8:42 pm edt] offers a bright flight energy. Hands, feet and mind are offered flight, higher. It is a season of ascension. Prophets speak of this Summer Solstice as a peak of joy, ascension and shifting on the earth, toward the New Earth. This airy trine reveals the light coming in.

An awkward aspect between Venus and Mars in the morning along with NEPTUNE stationing could bring some chaos between today and tomorrow. May we find humor and joy amidst water-based snafu’s.

Author’s Note: Today is a day when wolves are getting to run. We have found a way to cycle a few dogs at a time, so they are running in the fields nearby having so much fun. They are so happy to run wild and free!

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