June 9, 2016 – Mars and Mercury Opposition – Peak of Verbal Action

MERCURY OPPOSITE MARS in the early day–giving the day a huge charge for each of us uniquely. [10:01 am pdt/ 11:01 am mdt/ 12:01 pm cdt/ 1:01 pm edt] lightsaber-1170493_640In its highest expression–this is a peak, transition and fruition point for writers of all kinds.

It is mentally a kind of “peak action meditation.” Its a very busy time for most people and its good to be aware of the peak moment it is and honor the power of those energies–even if it feels to be a little much–its the edges that make the real break-through’s some times. Some times it takes quite a force of nature for change to happen. Today has that change-oriented force of nature comin on through! May it channel in grace not war.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [10:40 am pdt/ 11:40 am mdt/ 12:40 pm cdt/ 1:40 pm edt] is a creative boost of energy as the two rising lights sing together, or flower-girl-1136460_640dance together or weave together, projective and reflective light for the good of all.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [12:15 pm pdt/ 1:15 pm mdt/ 2:15 pm cdt/ 3:15 pm edt] is feminine magic. Male or female, our inner creative feminine, mother and maiden is activated in expression, beauty and love!

MOON TRINE URANUS [6:34 pm pdt/ 7:34 pm mdt/ 8:34 pm cdt/ 9:34 pm edt] offers another dose of unlimited potential and invisible connection. This can of course happen at any time, even during a square–like now there is a giant Grand Cross happening as a theme–however today–this little trine offers a magical opening. ZING!

MOON SQUARE MARS oooey squarey Leo to Scorpio–as we head toward the evening and night:light flower in dark [10:37 pm pdt/ 11:37 pm mdt/ 12:37 am (late night) cdt/ 1:37 am edt]. This Square focuses us into the middle of the square, the balancing act–that all face in the natural wheel of life. Moon in Leo is our inner child in one simple form. Mars in Scorpio can be our inner male shaman. They are doing a dance today that has tension in it–tension calls for action and attention. There is a call to tend to the masculine feminine tension of woundedness within each, as we have the support today of the other energies–both male and female. Shadow is being arisen with a lot of light. May we love all the shadows and fears, into the light.

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Author’s Note: I’m in process with moving the wolf updates to their own location, separate from this location. I will let you know where that is. The wolf work is needing its own space! These astrology blogs will continue as they are for now. I’ll put a link to the wolf blog here.