June 7, 2015 – Inner Home Shake Up and Wake Up!

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [1:06 am pdt/ 2:06 am mdt/ 3:06 am cdt/ 4:06 am edt] with the Moon freshly ShakingPelicaninWaterNew and rising now, expanding in light each day, it tunes back into the big change SQUARE of URANUS and PLUTO. The shake up, wake up awakening of humanity is still underway and each of us is in fact human. (none of us escapes this energy consciousness place of shift).

MOON SQUARE URANUS [12:20 pm pdt/ 1:20 pm mdt/ 2:20 pm cdt/ 3:20 pm edt] in the middle of this day is an invisible world “nudge nudge,” or lightning bolt coming our way to give a message. This is a message to listen to. We will know how to move through the next phase of our transformation through the messages that come today. May we receive–even the most unworded messages–with curiosity and wonder, wondering what grace may be coming, for it is coming.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [12:45 pm pdt/ 1:45 pm mdt/ 2:45 pm cdt/ 3:45 pm edt] for communications magic all around. With a rising MOON, heading toward Full Manifestation and a FULL MOON in Sagittarius, on June 20th.  This lunar cycle is focused on our own communications complexes. We are here to build a new message now that old ones are dissolving. We can move forward with new mind, fresh ideas and the new slates of the recent deaths.

MOON TRINE MARS [5:18 pm pdt/ 6:18 pm mdt/ 7:18 pm cdt/ 8:18 pm edt] is the energy of our inner home and inner emotions, with the correct movements we take in the new life unfolding. Mars is for action and new life.lion-165063_640 Trining the Moon, offering gifts of action.

This last aspect sends MOON into a short VOID in between Cancer and Leo. Moon enters Leo at [11:47 pm pdt/ 12:47 am (late night) mdt/ 1:47 am cdt/ 2:47 am edt]–bringing us an another infusion of our own creative fire light, added to the crescent baby new moon rising.

May we make and listen to the most fabulous messages of our time.