June 5, 2016 – Fresh Magical NEW MOON VOID/Portal – In the middle of the Grand Cross is a Dimensional Shift ~

The NEW MOON took place last night [8pm pdt/ 9pm mdt/ 10pm cdt/ 11pm edt]–initiating a whole new cycle of creation, a powerful one with walls, doors and windows of all kinds!

Grand Crosses are often Great Shifts in consciousness, teachers-913649_1280portals through which a whole generation or a whole collective must leap. Better to focus on the openings than the tense edges, since the edges host the 3-D pressure to shift, and the middle holds the path, the portal and the way which we must go according to what we feel within.

Truth, integrity, presence and fortitude are tested. Our unique capacity to meet our own challenges is drawn forward like a plant coming through a pressurized ground.  The pressure is our friend, guiding us into soul truth, and deeper deeper deeper into form with our essence.

Today MOON SEXTILE URANUS encourages communications that are higher tomato-1310961_1280than words–things that come differently–with breezes and intuitions, memories and deja-vu’s. [9:47 am pdt/ 10:47 pm mdt/ 11:47 am edt] We can touch the invisible world today, in the sliver of a New Gemini cycle, we can place ideas into the ethers of time for universal ripening. They can be small secrets between us and our own breath of spirit wind.

MOON goes VOID at [9:47 am pdt/ 10:47 pm mdt/ 11:47 am edt]–for the rest of the day, until [8:41 pm pdt/ 9:41 pm mdt/ 10:41 cdt/ 11:41 edt]. THIS VOID is a FRESH, MAGICAL, NEW MOON VOID!! IT is like a portal!

This NEW MOON touches a Mutable Grand Crosscave-LightSkypressuring us to CHANGE! We are invited and pressured by limitations and challenges to “make a shift in consciousness.” This shift can be our own highest leap of faith, artistic bravery, inner knowing, or all of them at once. It can also be a quiet still voice that barely whispers, “this way,” from within.  This new way may seem blocked, resisted or even “battled with,” by some element, force or person, and yet, with a bit of steadfast commitment resistances can melt and the truth sets you free.

Today–there is a kind of “invisible shift magic,” a slippery kind of portal day where “anything is possible,” even something as odd as “opening a closet door and finding another world!”

May the new world you open to, be a world with a deeper soul, having recognized a depth of heart that opened you and the world around you in a new way. Today is a portal day! May your portal be magnificent! HAPPY NEW MOON! portal-454462_1280If you LOVE this blog, please donate any amount here: CLICK!

Astrologer’s Note:

I’ve finally landed in our new location! Wow! What a journey of my heart and soul! Wolves a beacon and people’s true colors, both shadow and light, showing. I’ve survived some things that were hard for me to walk through. Thank you for your support along the way.

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