May 30, 2016 – Watery Release to Fiery Infusion – Alchemical Transfiguration

Mars comes close to earth today–so the consciousness of plants and animals, dirt and the way we interface with these elemental things, is up today. There may river-533932_1280be references to men and war, however this is a “less high expression,” of Mars, although masculine is an appropriate reference, what does this mean in the nature kingdom? It means water moving and sprouts pushing up through soil. It is plants that come into the human kingdom to assist and the relationship we have with them.

MOON is TRINE MARS [4:10 pm pdt/ 5:10 pm mdt/ 6:10 pm cdt/ 7:10 pm edt] today, from Pisces to Scorpio, continuing to deep clean our beliefs about power and action in this world. How is it that creation in this world occurs? Are we aligned with creation and natural action? This aspect sends MOON into a temporary VOID between Pisces and Aries. (between water and fire). This is a portal of alchemy!

fire-1073217_1280This portal of alchemical water-to-fire transfiguration is between [4:10 pm pdt and 6:09 pm pdt] / [5:10-7:09 pm mdt] / [6:10 – 8:09 pm cdt] / [7:10 – 9:09 pm edt]

MOON enters fiery Aries at [6:09 pm pdt/ 7:09 pm mdt/ 8:09 pm edt/ 9:09 pm edt] bringing us to the beginning fire that starts life. Our renewal and renewed mind can come in this fiery portal of alchemical delife.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO [8:09 pm pdt/ 9:09 pm mdt/ 10:09 pm cdt/ 11:09 pm edt] touches our mind to our alchemical power. Today we are called to renew our power, to think differently, to let go of all the limitations and bad thoughts we have had around money or power and to allow new input, new ideas and new divine flows of expression in the area of our own power, our own money and our own ability to connect with the creative process. We are changing on all levels. Sunflower-Water-SettingWe can allow this change to infiltrate all the things that are not of the New World and of the new divine flows of intent, coming down from the center of life.

May we be refreshed in perspective. May we release all old bad power ideas and limitations, may we allow an infinite potential to clean our mind.