May 29, 2016 – Spring Cleaning of our Imagination

MOON in Pisces (for the last two days of May)–during a Spring and Summer cleaning fest, is an opportunity to spring clean our Pisces imagination with renewed ideas and new flows of lifeforce and spirit-refreshed perspectives.

SkyStairsHeavenMOON SQUARE VENUS [12:48 am pdt] is a love crux, shift point and maturity-making angle. MOON is waning, and this love-work is like “letting go,” even when some part of us doesn’t want to let go of something. This thing to let go of is: whatever ideas keep us from imagining a life full of magic, and others full of magic.

MOON SQUARE SUN [5:12 am pdt] is the last quarter square taking us down to the final release week of this lunar cycle. Pisces to Gemini, our thoughts and talk can let go, unwind and take us down into a silent place–a good way to let go, and allow the renewal of mind-space to take place.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [11:12 am pdt] is the place of dunking our mind into the ocean, the river and into the divine consciousness that is present today, able to meet today’s needs, better than a small limited mind.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [1:45 pm pdt] is a crunch on a small mind. Saturn, crushing the mind against its perceived limitations, as we are in a cycle of unwinding this small mindedness within, to open to something more vast. Logistics, food, water and the needs before us must be tended to, however all the mindset-743163_1920rest of the mind’s thinking can be let go, as we allow a Spring Cleaning.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER – [2:30 pm pdt] touches the expansion we are having in Virgo–the cleaning sign! We are FULL of potential, and expanded senses, along with limitation.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [6:58 pm pdt] in a waning moon is an opportunity to unwind all the Mercury Retrograde experiences of the last 3-6 weeks, as we unwind the Mercury Retrograde degrees, crossing over them now going forward. Re-aligning all the “shaken up parts.”

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [8:04 pm pdt] in the evening is a soul-contact-time. Touching the power places we have within, as the moon wanes, we are also letting go of “old ideas about money or power”–so new ones can emerge.

May our old limiting ideas of money and power be washed clean of mis-alignments. May our imagination be renewed with Divine Will.