May 28, 2015 – Community Magic, Action, Flow

MOON SEXTILE URANUS early this morning[1:36 am pdt/ 2:36 am mdt/ 3:36 am cdt/ 4:36 am edt] is a spark of enthusiasm, laughter and bright light incoming as frequencies continue to rise,sport-562154_1280 in the Earth’s spiral around a brightening SUN!  As the fireball we circle, increases its light and radiance, vibrationally lifting us a little more each day, our consciousness is lifted a tiny bit higher each day. Which direction is “higher,” . . . . . in my estimation, it is toward the heart, toward collaboration, tenderness, celebration and the joy of life–in more and more areas as the planet rises in light–(literally and mythically).

MOON SQUARE MARS (Aquarius to Scorpio)[1:19 pm pdt/ 2:19 pm mdt/ 3:19 pm non-violence-1160133_1280mdt/ 4:19 pm edt] is digging in deep with community, clearing the bad past and planting new seeds for a new way people are together. This new way is uknown, perhaps yet “unmodeled,” and not yet fully revealed. This spring cleaning is a clearing of the way for this new way. This is a deeper spring cleaning than just the closet.

As the MOON wanes down from its peak and MARS RETROGRADES deep into our lost power spots, we are spring cleaning a lifetime of grungy dark thinking, from our television shows and our parents who watched them.
This MOON SQUARE MARS in the afternoon sends the moon into a temporary hour-long VOID. flower-river

MOON goes back on course, from the mini-VOID, into Pisces, [at 2:06 pm pdt/ 3:06 pm mdt/ 4:06 pm cdt/ 5:06 pm edt] In Pisces, there is flow, illusion, perhaps confusion if the mind tries to think too hard, and best of all, surrender to the flow of the river of life.

. . . . .
Author’s Note: I’ve been receiving feedback that I was “sounding desperate,” in these messages here, as I was feeling “off the hook,” and a little uncared for and depressed due to encounters with my ex-partners.  I am happy to say this desperate tone is ending! Finally I have found a place where we can land. We are not there yet, it is going to take some preparation and clean-up to move where we are moving, and it is thrilling to feel like I have a place for all of us to land. There were moments where I felt our lives challenged along the way in different ways, and that is where the “desperate tone,” was coming from. I also was feeling extremely unsupported in what I’m doing as (in transition)–it looks worse than when one is home. The whole pack will land now and we can all be together, and there is enough wilderness for all of the wolves to run as well as be safe. This is a small miracle. Thank you to all of you who have held space for this. It will still take a little longer to set up internet at our remote location in the forest and get Soul Blue Print information out, as well as beginning the Soul Blue Print process sharings, readings and trainings! I’m also excited to finally carry on with work that has been interrupted! Thank you all for holding the space for us to find a home! It looks like we have found a place. (that is perfect for now.) In the bigger dream, I have a full big B n B, community house where all of you can come and visit, have tea, and spend the night with the whole pack! For now, you’ll have to camp in a tent to visit, but you are welcome! <3  To Donate to our journey, click HERE! Deep Thanks for your support!