May 27, 2016 – Mars back into Scorpio, Going Deeper

earth-pinkcoloredpeopleMOON in Aquarius is reminding us that community and community-supportive thinking is where its at in these times. (especially in these two days of Moon in Aquarius).

gender-24171_1280MARS, Retrograding, deeper into our history of motivations in our life. How do we “move” through the world? What shamanic deep shadow material needs to be cleared from the past in our masculine unconscious file (now that MARS is RETROGRADE back into deep Scorpio–today–some deep shamanic clearing is bodybuilder-purplegoing on). This is also a time to “reclaim lost power,” lost resources, and forgotten skills we have.
MOON SEXTILE SATURN [8:32 am pdt/ 9:32 am mdt/ 10:32 am cdt/ 11:32 am edt] is a good dose of community love! May we love our community and be loved by our community! Its the Age of Aquarius–still dawning for 100 years or so–and we are the sprouting ones of the New Era, of the human heart emerging.  Today is a rooting, grounding day for community love.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [11:44 am pdt/ 12:44 pm mdt/ 1:44 pm cdt/ 2:44 pm edt] is a aware-1350046_1280feeling sense to thinking sense conversation. These two realms do not always meet. Sometimes they completely mis-understand each other. Talking is not going to be our most effective mode today. Or rather, keeping things brief, and paying EXTRA attention to details and others is important today, so we don’t make hurtful or unintended mistakes! May every misunderstanding lead to deeper communion.

May heart and mind agree to see things differently and collaborate anyway!