May 26, 2016 – Expansion and Contraction ~ Community Respiration

MOON enters Aquarius this morning [at 7:27 am pdt/ 8:27 am mdt/ 9:27 am edt] from Capricorn, mountain and work-hard sign of Saturn, who contracts, limits and disciplines into focus, streamlined clarity and perhaps a new sprout pushing sprout-933892_1280through stone. Aquarius is also a sign of Saturn, although its a “higher Saturnian expression,” that reaches to “break the old molds,” and reshape with the radical lightning upgrades of Uranus.

JUPITER SQUARE SATURN [5:28 am pdt/ 6:28 am mdt/ 7:28 am cdt/ 8:28 am edt] is a tension point between the planet of contraction and focus (SATURN) and the planet of EXPANSION and new light incoming, (JUPITER). So we are expanding and focusing today! There is a way to honor both the in breath and the out, the expansion and the contraction! The contract and the life itself. In this square we are challenged to honor all the corners of the new life growing through the spring ground this year. The dancing laughing monkey makes field-847647_1280fun of the egoic mind all year long–so its a good year to shift to the “good of all” intent more and more.

MOON SEXTILE MARS in its last days retrograding in Sagittarius, entering 29 Scorpio tomorrow–going backwards through the zodiac now–from earth’s perspective. [8:04 am pdt/ 9:04 am mdt/ 10:04 am cdt/ 11:04 am edt] Oh the depths of what we do with our power! This power crossing from Sag to Scorpio, as Mars Retrogrades, is a journey, even deeper into our motivations, our masculine counterpart and our inner drive, passion, and “sproutiness.” An aspect from the moon brings us up close and personal with something subtle and mythic, perhaps even something “unmeditated,” like the deeper secret motivations of our own free will, in which garden will our sproutliness grow? In what deep place is our soul’s voice pushing us to. What forces push us toward our soul? What forces divide us from people-1086110_1280soul-work?

MOON TRINE VENUS [12:59 pm pdt/ 1:59 pm mdt/ 2:59 pm cdt/ 3:59 pm edt] is a feminine allyship with mama. Maiden to mama, the chain of women hold hands through time. While VENUS is still departing the peak of an OPPOSITION to MARS (Tuesday, May 24th), this opposition is softened by mama, earth, and nature. The deep feminine has a sweetness with itself that is pure liquid life-magic and untaintable.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:58 pm pdt/ 7:58 pm mdt/ 8:58 pm cdt/ 9:58 pm edt] is another call for a “higher dance,” between masculine and feminine counterparts. As the SUN is circled by so many bodies, it raises our vibration gently, one day at a time, we each get “brighter,” radiating more and more heart-centered warmthsunlight-867222_1280 each day, as we allow a natural human evolutionary step toward this soft warm heartlight, warming the world from our insides out.

Not every human being will be stepping toward this radiant heart path, and those who do may survive the challenging death-laced times we are facing in our world. The heart “knows the way through with a living wisdom,” that as Clarissa Pinkola Estes defines wisdom as “whatever works.”  The heart can “sense,” with some extra sensory perception, what will work. I believe that nothing less than the strength and tenderness of an open heart will get us through the challenges now and coming.

Today is a day to challenge the selfish impulses of our own personal will, sacrificing them for the greater community and the greater world’s soul-calls. butterfly-HeartPathAs we seek this right sacrifice, of self for “the collective of our soul,” we are gifted with openings that we could not see before.  Being heart-centered and community minded opens pathways that take us “higher,” and may meet even deeper needs from the fabric of life. We are the fabric of life ourselves. May we be life-giving.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Author’s Note ~ We are at the end of our journey and every animal is feeling the stress of the transition, including me! I’m going to be releasing another crowd-funding campaign soon. I was not able to attend to the previous one very well! Blue has developed a big ball on the side of his neck which I discovered yesterday–so I’m on “high care alert” for him. They’ve been pulled and pushed on leashes around their neck for the last month of our move–more than ever before! If anyone knows anyone near Santa Fe who has a large fenced area that dogs can run in–please contact me. I’m needing places with fences where animals can be free of leashes to give their little necks some freedom from that. I’m seeing the effects on their health and am worried–we need some “leash free fenced areas.” I am now moving toward a state of “healing and recovery,” and extra care for the wolf pack (as Mars dips into the deeper realms of life and death in Scorpio)!  Please send your financial support to do this (and pass the word)! Please contact me with any fundraising ideas and with one click (HERE) you can easily contribute any amount! We look forward to being in a location where you can visit us and “run with the wolves.” Blue, Lomi, Shiva, Aurora, Skunkie and Nova thank you and we love you! paw-print-941498_1280