May 25, 2016 – Male Female Charge ~ Productive Transformation

arguing-1296392_1280VENUS was OPPOSITE MARS yesterday
and this opposition has men and women all charged and the stories of “opposition between the sexes,” up again, however the opposition will pass and we will remember how to “get along” once again.

MOON TRINE JUPITER (Capricorn to Virgo)–is still great for spring re-arranging. cleaning out the past and finding gems that are restorable. Spring cleaning is often the compost for rejuvenated art projetcs, and historically renewable favorite things. This pre-dawn grace-aspect: invites an expansion, a new opportunity, an opening into a better potential, and a higher retro-1254592_1280vibration.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [2:35 am pdt/ 3:35 am mdt/ 4:35 am cdt/ 5:35 am edt] is a gifted moment of speech, memory, or new administrative small miracle. Administration and secretarial tasks are grounding and grounded, today.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [7:21 am pdt/ 8:21 am mdt/ 9:21 am cdt/ 10:21 pm edt] transforms us with our own soul’s juicy truth. As we “relax into our own soul’s truth,” the emergence of true earth-based support can emerge.

butterflies-95358_1280MOON SQUARE URANUS [6:11 pm pdt/ 7:11 pm mdt/ 8:11 pm cdt/ 9:11 pm edt] This potentially shocking jolt of enlivening, takes place in the waning bright moon, still sailing off of the peak of FULL, into this next stop or opening on our bright five year transformative cauldron, we’re still coming out of this BIG SHIFT time. Today is another point in the shift portal story, still unfolding.
. . . . . . . . . . .

Author’s Note: In season with the day, lots of different opportunities are coming in the more people who learn about our situation: travelling with a pack of spokeswolves, and needing a temporary place for now. Things start emerging. Now I’m following the goose chase of properties and landlords, house share offerings and cabin’s in need of renovation. Hip feminist women in adobe combounds offering to share their home with me! I’m so moved and running around to see what is going to work best for everyone: me, the animals, and the home owners! I see we will land somewhere else (from one temporary location to another soon). Until we are in a permanent landing place, we are juggling everything, the way we do “on the road.” Only people who have had to jump into transition quickly themselves, understand what this can be like. I look forward to landing in our own place, and we are so grateful to all of those who host us along the way! We are completely out of funds at this time for dog meat and such things. Any donations are appreciated and needed. click here to donate any amount!