May 22, 2016 – SUN OPPOSITE MARS – Creative Poke Through – MERCURY DIRECT – Here we go now Forward!

tulip-566875_1280MERCURY goes DIRECT this morning!  [6:20 am pdt/ 7:20 am mdt/ 8:20 am cdt/ 9:20 am edt] As we surf off the FULL MOON of yesterday, we are still in a whole week of this Full Moon Light, unwinding, sending interesting “arrows of our heart,” into the ethers all through the week! Especially with a MERCURY DIRECT today, the arrows that have been “pulled back in our bows,” sometimes for months, or for years, a whole life, or lifetimes, these arrows can go flying now! For more reasons than Mercury flower-670752_1280Direct, its time to send the “arrows,” messages and expressions, truths and creative gestures, out! (as this Full Moon Mercury Direct Week unfolds!)

SUN OPPOSITE MARS  also early this morning: [4:17 am pdt/ 5:17 am mdt/ 6:17 am cdt/ 7:17 am edt] is a charged activated fiery light! This can be volatile, angry or destructive, however this is NOT Mars’ true nature! sprout-1136131_1280Mars’ true nature and purpose takes place more in the garden than in the artificial conflict of the human mind! SUN OPPOSITE MARS invites us to “poke our flowering parts out of the soil,” and be seen by life. It is sexy and wild in its nature. Mars is not meant to be violent or destructive, except as might be felt by the dry dusty old soil–it is more about poking life through the soil to emerge, to be brilliant and alive with the fire of life!

Mars’ fiestiness is so much more than a war, or a violent action. poppy-1128683_1280Mars’ genius is in the way we grow, each inch, toward the sun, in our own way. It is the way we respect ourselves, in our uniqueness, enough to share it, with a world that is a different color, perhaps. In its “higher self,” and our own higher selves, we are more plant than we realize. This is a time to merge with our plant-based-consciousness, which Mars touches in us! Artemis is not the only one who gets to run in the forest with arrows! YOU do too! Arrows of your heart! Running through the forest of life! Ready aim, fire of life! (Mars’ is not just about firing guns, but preferably, and more authentically, firing life itself!)

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE (Sagittarius to Pisces) [11:20 am pdt/ 12:20 pm mdt/ 1:20 pm cdt/ 2:20 pm edt] is an ooey gooey wet resistance to change sometimes. Although we have personal identity and “personal agenda,” there are larger rivers, larger soils and gardens being grown around us. We are tiny sprouts in the big world. Its time to “poke our heads out,” of the soil, the river of life and “go with the flow,” even while sprouting! “Bloom where you are planted,” is an old wise saying. clematis-56416_1280

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [2:31 pm pdt/ 3:31 pm mdt/ 4:31 pm cdt/ 5:31 pm edt] is another corner today, another stretch to be “larger than our old self.” Jupiter always calls us to “stretch,” and explore something new to replace something old! JUPITER in Virgo, invites the Giant Spring Cleaning! In this Giant Spring Cleaning Work: insightful futuristic gestures toward brilliance (very sagittarian)–can emerge from the rubble.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN arugula-762557_1280in Sagittarius [3:20 pm pdt/ 4:20 pm mdt/ 5:20 pm cdt/ 6:20 pm edt] is a big responsibility shift! Sometimes its a shift from “taking something personally,” to “surrendering it to the arms of the creator”–perhaps with a blessing. Sometimes we need to stand up and “take responsibility,” in a new more intelligent way. This is a contraction moment, of tightening our focus into a more efficient way of being. There is always an upgrade, especially when limitation speaks, like Saturn does sometimes. 

May we overcome all resistance and limitation today, the way a new sprout does, even in concrete! sprout-1147803_1280

Author’s Note: Transition, Transition, Transition and Transformation is afoot. The whole pack is moving and we are all having to adapt! All of your support is appreciated while we MOVE! Oh My! We are following a yellow brick road in consciousness, stirring up, and reminding of the heart! everywhere we go!–Carrying and caring for the golden light of wolves. DONATIONS By CLICKING HERE! Please!