May 21, 2016 – Full Moon in Sagittarius – All the Heart’s Arrow’s

ghost-horse-578550_1280FULL MOON takes place this afternoon: in the middle of our Saturday: [at 2:14 pm pdt/ 3:14 pm mdt/ 4:14 pm cdt/ 5:14 pm edt] peaks this creation cycle with a final empowerment of sacred messages. “Arrows of the heart,” are activated in this Full Moon light. May we heed and listen. May we learn and grow gardens based on their understanding and wisdom emerging.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [4:39 am pdt/ 5:39 am mdt/ 6:39 am cdt/ 7:39 am edt] is a heart eruption, in the middle of the night and pre-dawn. There is heart-clearing and heart-re-aligning going on, as the FULL MOON carries a few big oppositions with Mars and Venus, so the male~female dynamics in our world are up for healing, clearing and re-aligning, according to the “arrows and wisdoms of the heart.”

Life can get complicated, and things can seem overwhelming or confusing, amor-147461_1280however when we take our attention to the HEART, it is clear from a place of divinity, presence, and the depth of heart that the “arrows of life,” call us to meet.

MERCURY has been RETROGRADING for three weeks now back to the middle of Taurus. Tomorrow–it stations to go DIRECT again. The mercurial “messages” are flying around our inner and outer world. Taurus within us longs for simplicity. As the world spins around us, a simple Taurian heart within: has messages. Messages are flying around!  “Listening is always a good idea,” and now: messages are calling us to listen with our heart, as our past unwinds before us, into the present and future.

Things are a bit funny and tricky, as the FULL MOON rises today, as MERCURY is SLOWING DOWN to STATION tomorrow! Expect funny mercurial adventures and always look for the next syncronicity even if there’s a delay, or a glitch. If we “stop everything” in those moments and “listen to spirit,” if we allow ourselves to be “present,” in that moment of “mercurial mental reset,” what emerges? What spirit driven, feeling, sense and message emerges in the mercurial chaos?

MOON is VOID this morning as we rise. grey-heron-619916_1280Its between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Between the deep shadow and the high light. Between clearing old sharp painful resentments, and betrayals of Scorpio, to inviting the “arrows of new life,” of Sagittarius: to set sail into the air of spirit, rooting in gardens they find “in the big big world.” This Big World is Sagittarius’ world–which is the “whole wide world!”

MOON enters Sagittarius at [11:48 am pdt/ 12:48 pm mdt/ 1:48 pm cdt/ 2:48 pm edt] sign of our FULL MOON today! SUN is in airy Gemini–the pivot-point for fiery sparks. This is a fiery FULL MOON, activating our inner light. Since Jupiter, Sag’s planetary ruler is in Virgo–yes the cleaner-upper, healer, detailer: this is a big spring cleaning two weeks ahead! Its a big completion on all that might impede our healthiest journey. Spring Cleaning for body, closet, mind and soul! The higher mind is in charge of this Spring Cleaning!

The FULL MOON is the PEAK of this cycle of creation, which began with a NEW MOON in Taurus!  This New Moon was in the midst of MERCURY RETROGRADE and a lot of other planets retrograding too. Mercury, being so “close inside our mind,” is one we feel intimately. FULL MOON’s lately are happening in the next sign’s early degrees, like this one, with the SUN in early degrees of Gemini and the MOON in early degrees of Sagittarius. This is the area of our higher mind, and our “humor mind.”

pegasus-695830_1280Arrows to heaven, and arrows from heaven are flying: In this Sagittarian FULL MOON light. We can send our “arrows of the heart” to the invisible spirit world for catching and empowering with life.  Pure desires, sent from the heart, do not fail in in the fertile valley of ethers that love us.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [3:43 pm pdt/ 4:43 pm mdt/ 5:43 pm cdt/ 6:43 pm edt] offers a charged action energy. In action this conjunction elephant-1034382_1280(in the FULL MOON light), is power to climb a mountain, move a village, or a reference point in consciousness. We are asked to grow and change in this active fiery light. We have the power to birth and destroy the world. There may be “natural disaster threats,” that reflect our ability to destroy, and new seeds, and messengers of life that arrive to be acted upon, planted in gardens right away and sown into the flowers of life of this summer.

This is planting time. As the MOON sails off of Full, it carries seeds and dreams, messages and lights, sending them into our consciousness, into the dark and into the night of our beings.CitiesOFLight

Light grows here, even in the dark. Light grows here, and we are the cultivators and choice-builders of this new city of light. May we build the new city of light, within and without. May the threats of death and destruction, pass as we plant the new seeds of light in the gardens everywhere.

If there is destruction, may we move toward the cities of light. Time to build these “cities of light.”
. . . . . . .

Author’s Note ~ I’m heading back to Santa Fe (from Boulder) in the full moon light: to rejoin the pack. I’m grateful to Dr. D for taking care of the animals so I can run around and “take care of business,” in Boulder. I’m grateful to the path for giving me, in each moment, the “next step.” I’m grateful to each of you who reads, participates and contributes to the wolf-human adventure. It is larger than one:self. The pack is larger than something I can maintain on my own. So when you support and give to us, you become “part of the wolf pack!” We include you in our living journey. To donate to sustaining this wolf pack: you can click here! Any amount is helpful. We are so so grateful! We will let you know how we are landing in our new forest location. (we have a temporary location for now)–while we continue to source a more permanent sanctuary location. Any support in the founding of a new “one wolf pack educational sanctuary,” welcome!