May 20, 2016 – Emperor’s Full Moon Coming – Has the Emperor Lost His Clothes?

man-156549_1280SUN enters Gemini this morning! This is a light happy and communicative Sun season, for the next month. Now in the earliest degrees, we’ll have a FULL MOON, in Sagittarius–opposite the Sexy radiant SUN in Gemini! The exact time of the FULL MOON is tomorrow : SATURDAY, May 21 at [2:14 pm pdt/ 3:14 pm mdt/ 4:14 pm cdt/ 5:14 edt]

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER (emphasizing the expansive and world-family nature of this Full Moon)– [2:39 am pdt/ 3:39 am mdt/ 4:39 am cdt/ 5:39 am edt] pre-dawn this morning is a S – T – R – E – T – C  – H into the “rising full moon light,” and its pure “elightened,” enlivened intent for us this Full Moon weekend!?

crown-304836_1280We are each like little “emperor’s” in our own world–especially with THIS FULL MOON! It is in the fresh early degrees of Sagittarius, (Jupiter’s ruler), who is currently in Virgo–SQUARING Sag’s light-hearted direction, with practical questions, and the ability to “take care of all the details,” one at a time, if we will just listen to Virgo’s knowing and : “put one foot in front of the other.” In this Full Moon, we already know the direction we are walking (one step at a time,) will get us “there,” . . . . to our own “promised land.” One step at a time.

With Jupiter’s sign in the Full Moon light, and so many planets RETROGRADE, we can count on old dreams bubbling up for re-examination in the Full Moon Light! (if they haven’t already)–fulfillments are in the ethers: What have we “asked for?” Has it arrived and . . . . Thank You. Alignment? re-alignment? Old prayers, New Prayers? re-invigorated living breathing dreaming prayers!!

Jupiter lights up the flashlight pathway of our soul’s directive’s. king-117443_1280Why we came here matters to Sagittarius and Jupiter, so this FULL MOON, TOMORROW mid-day, matters also to our soul’s intent here. Our “mission–should we choose to accept it!”

Each of us has a unique inner-self-driven, authentic “emperor’s mission,” and perhaps a false “egoic empero’s'” mission that we are potentially (simultaneously running)–this would be where we might feel socially accepted or expected. This FULL MOON: is the time for the false “emperor’s to lose their clothes.” Its a time to accept this “nakedness,” and simple bare truthly exposure: laughing at the way life takes us in circles, takes off our clothes, yet ultimately takes care of us and “points us back in the direction of the deeper soul’s directive?”

This FULL MOON is a Life Purpose Driven kind o FULL MOON–coming tomorrow–Today the energy is rising rising, and so so creative and FULL of life force for our health, wealth and wellbeing!

emperor-penguin-23165_1280MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 am edt] invites us to communicate across challenges, differences and other “separations based in mind,” into a more soulful “brothers and sisters,” way. This is a communications response in energy that is heightened. Full Moon is purging old stuff that is not “brotherly or sisterly,” and this Mercury opposition today is a messenger.

MOON- oh just before going FULL tomorrow–tapping our deep soul and power is important! Just in case we needed an extra messenger of soul’s purpose, just before Full Moon–here it is: messenger of soul and purpose, depth and power–here today!

May we receive the new power receptors we are given, in grace today!


Author’s Note: I’m in Boulder right now taking care of wolf, human and court business here! I’ll be back and forth between Santa Fe and Boulder a lot it appears, for several administrative reasons! I don’t know if we will end up in New Mexico or Colorado yet. Right now the animals are in Santa Fe being cared for by Dr. D! THANK YOU DR D!! While I am in Boulder, tying these loose ends here. All donations are supportive of the wolf pack and our ability to continue to care for them as we are moving them to their new location. A new temporary location has been sourced! (in Pecos) for the animals and us to look after them right by a national forest. We will continue to look for a more long term and better location for this one-pack animal educational sanctaury: in this region. If you have any insights or ideas about this, or know anyone who may like to fund a new animal sanctuary start-up, please contact me. To CONTRIBUTE to the Pack: PLEASE CLICK HERE: and contribute any amount.