May 17, 2016 – Partnership Catharsis

celtic-1292841_1280MOON is in Relational Libra SEXTILING SATURN in Sagittarius, expanding our relations past and future. What we often think of as “partnerships”–Saturn in Sagittarius is inviting an expansion, a diversity dose of love from around the world. We can partner with allies of all kinds!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [9:37 pm pdt/ 10:37 am mdt/ 11:37 am cdt/ 12:37 am edt] later tonight is another transformative pressure in our five year deep shift. This URANUS SQUARE PLUTO of five years is still squeezing us with intervals of change-requests for consciousness shifts. teapot-598122_1280Today we have one more squeeze–push–from the old world to the new world. From old ways to new ways. New allies can assist us today with this birth process.

During the dream-time tonight we are in the “cauldron of change,” with MOON OPPOSITE URANUS – the breakthrough- coming tomorrow early morning.

May old friends and allies of all kinds light up our life during intense change time as we are still transforming in the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO shift of worlds.

. . . . .
Author’s Note:
The whole pack is being cared for by Dr. D while I’m completing things in Boulder and attending to storage here. Transitions are weird and interesting periods in life. While in the middle of moving, I’m not as able to give readings, and still need support to get through this. If you would like a reading next week and can donate now it would be really helpful! Also donations to feed the wolf pack can be made by clicking here on this paragraph. Any amount is helpful! Aoooooooowwwwwww. Howling.