May 15, 2016 – All the Earthly things – Details and Healing

dirt-691160_1280MOON is CONJUNCT JUPITER in Virgo in the middle of the night, having us connect deeply into the earth today. JUPITER is in Virgo “expanding Virgo things,” which can include our own healing process, our own organizational work and our daily task orientation. JUPITER is asking us to expand our way of working in the earth. Perhaps we have over-limited ourselves with the beauracratic details and need to reclaim the core essence of our intention-filled life. What did we come here for? What is our soul’s purpose? The details of our dreams are calling us today.

garden-1176406_1280MOON SQUARE SATURN [3:21 am pdt/ 4:21 am mdt/ 5:21 cdt/ 6:21 edt] is a confrontation with limitation in the middle of our night. “Saturn will crush us up against the glass of our own limiting beliefs, but has the power to push us through to the other side.” Physical world power for movement and change is here today!  Its a good day to work in the garden of our soul.

MOON TRINE MERCURY (still retrograde)–[6:31 am pdt/ 7:31 am mdt/ 8:31 am cdt/ 9:31 am edt] Virgo to Taurus is more Earth-based magic. From our earth-connected place, we can hear the messages of right earth-based actions. There is grace under our feet today. Time to Re-member our Earth Mother and ask her for what we really need, and what our dreams really need to have feet on the earth.

MOON TRINE PLUTO (also Retrograde)–invites us to address our soul and dreams–FoggyRoadespecially those we may have forgotten. It is the aspect that makes the GRAND TRINE in Earth. From Virgo to Capricorn, details and all that it takes to build something are being revealed to us. All that we need to build our dreams is in the earth, in this Grand Trine we can ground just about anything into the earth plane. May we ground the higher frequencies of the projects that make up the New Earth.

flower-CrackedDirtMOON TRINE VENUS [1:21 pm pdt/ 2:21 pm mdt/ 3:21 pm cdt/ 4:21 pm edt] adds more earth-based magic today. Even VENUS is in the Earthly mix today!  Venus is sweet, even in cracked dirt. She knows now to bring, color, love and mercy to the hardest of shells. May our inner venus break through the “cracks in the walls and floor,” so springtime beauty and new life can burst through all the old bullshit, all the old dried crusty stuff, on the surface of our consciousness and on the surface of the earth. May we all burst forth with new colorful life now!

Dandelionhome-44594_1280Author’s Note:
I’m so grateful to my tribe in New Mexico, to my ancient medicine family, with whom many deep roots have been grown. Now as I return, I am met with the love, compassion and grace of my New Mexico Family. It is never easy for a human being to transition, and with our whole pack, we are like a giant being with nine or so limbs–including two humans. So transition is messy and uncomfortable for us “land based,” attachment-driven creatures, and yet, these times of change: test us like a good “earth based-rite-of-passage.” We are here to walk our talk. I am committed to the path of my deeper heart and follow it with loyal listening pleasure. In this listening pathway, there is grace and unknown, uneasiness and gratitude. Thank you for being with me along the way–all of you. We are truly “all in this together,” Thank you for walking the earth at this time!  Donations are supportive during this transition! THANK YOU to everyone who has sent contributions! Every one of you–nomatter how much you sent, is being added to my big list, of everyone who has supported in any way for the last three years of wolf-walk. I will honor each of you in some way. I am so happy to be connected via the “wolf-path,” and the “star-path,” with each of you! More thank you’s, . . . one hundred and thirteen thank you’s !!