May 14, 2016 – Healing Crux – Emotional River

bear-1376361_1280MOON is in healing, cleaning Virgo SQUARE MARS [7:28 am pdt/ 8:28 am mdt/ 9:28 am cdt/ 10:28 am edt] is a tension point between our home-space of self-nurturing and the active aggressive energy that pushes sprouts through the soil. Balancing these energies of “struggle for the light, powering forward with pure will,” versus “holding caring and nurturing.”  These two energies may seem “at odds with each other at times,” and they both inhabit the same round wheel of shifting energy. each in their own right place. Today–“right place,” is a delicate dance between “listening and receiving,” and “taking action.”

SUN SEXTILE CHIRON [12:46 pm pdt/ 1:46 pm mdt/ 2:46 pm cdt/ 3:46 pm edt] offers a sun-kissed healing story, or nourishing bit of support from the fabric of life. CHIRON, the healer of the solar system, is sun-touched, and “touching into our consciousness–with openings for healing.”

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [10:02 pm pdt/ 11:02 pm mdt/ 12:02 am cdt/ 1:02 am edt late night] is a big wave of movement that may challenge our small self to rise into “divine flow,” from small attachment. Our small self cannot see the larger picture and becomes afraid at small unknown ideas. NEPTUNE is the larger flow of life, connected to a much larger vision beyond the small mind’s ability to see. Surrender, trust and “going with the flow,” are the keys to this day as it progresses into evening.

. . . . . . .

Author’s Note: We are still hanging in mid-transition. The animals have gotten used to a kind of rythm of feeding and walking and different trees they sit under at different times of the day, to be in the shade, until we have a better location where they don’t have to be tied to trees as much. Any support is welcome. We are an unusual animal sanctuary in transition and not really in a position to “land at another sanctuary,” in that we do need our own location, although do stay in touch regularly with many of the nearby sanctuaries and ask their advice on many things over the last 3 years of having these animals. Most sanctuaries are full and are working to house animals that are more in danger and more abused than my pack. My pack, since it is NOT abused or neglected, would NOT be happy in a 5,000 square foot pen, even with food. They would miss their more personalized, freer life of socializing with both dogs and humans freely. They are not abused enough or neglected enough to be happy being left in a pen. So my best option is to continue to have them with me, tending to their personal needs–each one–and allowing them to continue their joyful loving relationship amidst themselves–meanwhile sourcing a new location where the whole pack can be in peace. They are learning a lot and so am I. All of us are becoming better trained along the way to deal with the wolf-human dilemma that we face. Any donations assist me in feeding and caring for these animals. Every bit of time and resource that I have right now is going to making them as comfortable and cared for as possible in these circumstances. They are my soulwork right now. Thank you for your support!! Donations can be made by clicking on this paragraph. Thank you. Thank you! Azlan, Lomi, Blue, Shiva, Aurora, Nova, Skippy. Lotus the wolf-taming cat, and Dr. D.