May 13, 2016 – Friday the 13th [Magical VOID] and MERCURY VENUS CONJUNCTION – Planetary Activation of the Feminine – Clearing the past cobwebs & mental superclutter into new life ~ FIRST QUARTER SHIFT – Energy Rising

  MOON TRINE URANUS this morning – Leo to Aries, [8:02 am pdt/ 9:02 am mdt/ 10:02 am cdt/ 11:02 am edt] creativity to invention, comic-characters-1320808_1280is the beginning of a magical day. Sometimes these potent aspects take time to filter into our consciousness, however today is so filled with potency for our life, that focusing our consciousness into the flowering of this magic is a goal for the day. Can we let go of the “old cobwebs,” of mental limitation, long enough to experience the actual grace, pure cosmic love and the possibility of our own intelligent co-creation here?

The morning is the time to take care of important details (before the void) With this SUN SQUARE MOON, [10:02 am pdt/ 11:02 am mdt/ 12:02 pm cdt/ 1:02 pm edt] MOON heads into a VOID between Leo and Virgo. This is a VOID between our creative chaos and its landing into details and organization in 3-D. This SUN/MOON SQUARE also marks the first quarter shift. You will see a half moon in the sky. This is the moon (halfway to the Full Moon)–in one week, it will be FULL with the fruition of what we are up to right now.

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS (with Mercury Retrograding) is a re-evaluation of girl-863340_1280the feminine. [12:10 pm pdt/ 1:10 pm mdt/ 2:10 pm cdt/3:10 pm edt]. Our mind can carry superstitions (like Friday the 13th) that pollute pure energy with bad ideas like violent dark expressions on a day like that–and as MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS we can reset these old bad ideas with the pure fluid truth that is bubbling up through life each day, fresh and new, untainted by previous human thoughts and belief. This conjunction can be a “resetting of the mind,” in all the areas of love, abundance and feminine intelligence. Our feminine being is renewed with life and intelligence!

VENUS TRINE PLUTO [7:20 pm pdt/ 8:20 pm mdt/ 9:20 pm cdt/ 10:20 pm edt] is another feminine empowerment, or abundance empowerment or love empowerment, or all of them at once. We are learning to upgrade our lives with the essence of love, our own creative expression of that love and the deep truth that “we are here for each other and for the soul of the world.” What is the “soul of the world,” calling us to now? alive-934653_1280

MOON enters Virgo late tonight [10:51 pm pdt/ 11:51 pm mdt/12:51 am cdt/ 1:51 am edt], leaving the magical feminine mind re-ordering VOID, for some clean up and organization related to our life, livelihood and creative projects. This is a “get it together weekend,” coming. However today is an alchemical magical VOID of power and feminine transformation.

Author’s Note: Inside of my exhaustion, I feel so much gratitude. Gratitude for who I am and that I am this woman instead of anything else. I’m grateful to be a star-priestess! Donations are appreciated. We are still in transition. Thank You! Thank You. Thank you. Click Here to donate any amount.