May 12, 2016 – Love & Creativity Challenge with Power Words

glow-1177383_1280MOON is still in firey solar Leo today, TRINE SATURN in Sagittarius. With URANUS in Aries we are working a Grand Trine in fire signs. This is highly creative energy and open for miracles, unexpected doses of insight or revelatory layers being revealed to us.

The exact TRINE MOON to SATURN is at [6:29 pm pdt/ 7:29 pm mdt/ 8:29 pm cdt/ 9:29 pm edt]. This is a grounding aspect for creativity and homebase.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO [7:45 pm pdt/ 8:45 pm mdt/ 9:45 pm cdt/ 10:45 pm edt] is a higher self communications access. forge-411923_1280We can be connected to our higher self today, our heart and soul. PLUTO when contacting the planet of our mind, MERCURY, brings depth to our communications. It brings soul alive in our mind. There is a deeper river running today, not the superficial chatty kind, but the deeper soulful kind of mind. MERCURY and PLUTO are both RETROGRADING, so this trine is harvesting resources, insights and deeper energies of our past, re-aligning and re-receiving our own power.

There is creative tension, perhaps a challenge to our love-being this evening as MOON SQUARES VENUS [8:20 pm pdt/ 9:20 mdt/ 10:20 cdt/ 11:20 edt] inviting fire to earth negotiations. Taurus is stubborn and so is leo. Fixed earth and fixed fire in a conversation can be productive or stuck.

brand-185125_1280MOON SQUARE MERCURY late night [10:28 pm pdt/ 11:28 pm mdt/ 12:28 am cdt/ 1:28 am edt] is an edgy thinking place. Its best to take a meditation evening or a yogic pose for the night–to work the square in service to the highest; beware of conflict or harsh words.

. . . . . . . . .

Author’s Note ~ I’m still feeling happy to be in New Mexico and exhausted at the circumstances. I’m grateful I have a place to write on my computer in the morning and that the wolves are safe–even if being juggled from leash to car to another leash all the time. I am praying for a better life for all of us as soon as we are able to land at a base. In the mean time, we are juggling basic needs on the road. Oh My! Its like following the “yellow brick road,” the road of radiance and heart, invisible to the eyes, but seen by the heart, ushered in directions with details unknown. It is a time of trust and faith for Kuna’s Red Wolf Pack. Thank you for your support! You can donate by clicking on this paragraph.  (any amount is helpful).