May 11, 2016 – VOID MORNING – Fiery Creative Awkward Messy Progress in the Evening!

space-1254707_1280MOON SQUARE URANUS [12:34 am pdt/ 1:34 am mdt/ 2:34 am cdt/ 3:34 am edt] in the wee hours has us in the “awakening pressure cooker cauldron” again and still, for another squeeze, continued from the squeezing of yesterday with MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO. This final aspect in the Cancer moon time: sends us into an archetypal VOID between the Mama Cancer energy and the fiery Leo inner child energy.  We are between our inner mother and our inner child this morning. This SQUARE in the VOID is a revolutionary change aspect. It is like lightning bolts of shift coming from within or without. It can be shocking, enlivening or enlightening. These forces are always asking us to move and shift, evolve and change to meet the next phase.

hands-423794_1280MERCURY comes closest to the EARTH today. Communications may feel denser than normal today–more third dimensional as the mind is dipped deeply into third dimension.

MOON enters Fixed and strong firelight Leo [at 2:32 pm pdt/ 3:32 pm mdt/ 4:32 pm cdt/ 5:32 pm edt]. The sun’s radiance is within us, ready to create and encircle with warmth and light.

VENUS INCONJUNCT SATURN : [4:08 pm pdt/ 5:08 pm mdt/ 6:08 pm cdt/ 7:08 pm edt] is an awkward, even perhaps messy grounded aspect of coming into the earth with our creative impulses. Fire at first, when it meets earth can have some chaos. Grounding creativity is alive and messy. This aspect is alive and messy and grounded and awkward. We can create and ground –may we celebrate the messes of new fresh gardens! First there is upheaval and overturning of soil, then new seeds and new life, new beauty emerging from there!  May the mess be musician-664432_1280the preamble to ecstatic beauty.

MOON TRINE MARS [11:50 pm mdt/ 12:50 am mdt/ 1:50 am cdt/ 2:50 am edt] lights camera action! We are the star of our own story. This is an action evening. Mars is activating us to move and become more alive. We are ignighted with inner fire–inner creative light–May this active fire shine through you into a soul flowering of your own expressive right livelihood!
. . . . . . . .

Author’s Note: I’m again grateful to this writing and the presence I go into during writing. I drop into a state of receptivity with the cycles of the cosmos and its a relationship I’ve developed over years that I so love! Thank you for being witness to this connection. All the wolves stopped whining and making noise while I was writing this. There is a peace that set upon my whole situation as I began to go into the meditative trance of this star-connection.

Meanwhile we are still in transition and peaceful moments like this are golden! I’m juggling leashes and dogs from my car and in such transition I’m a little bit “at the mercy” of others because I’m not grounded enough (during transition) to do my normal work routines, other than this blog–which is barely making it out to you!

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