May 10, 2016 – Earth-Love-Upgrade ~ Mama-Work-Catharsis – Magical Connections at Ear’s Length

moon-1275774_1280Today is one of those days–where that deeper magic of the Retrogrades, and Directs’ –is present! Sometimes there is some “irritating stuff,” at first, that has to come “off the surface” of our consciousness, during a MERCURY RETROGRADE cycle, (starting April 28, 2016)–so it takes, until we get into the middle of it, sometimes, to get to the deeper magic and grace of the circular motion and backward discovery.

This morning the DIVINE is supporting us in “the flow,” MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [6:17 am pdt/ 7:17 am mdt/ 8:17 am cdt/ 9:17 am edt] is a sacred soft undercurrent of loving support. Beyond human, divine energy supports us, sometimes through humans, sometimes through the flow of life itself. Its a time when “going with the flow,” brings the keys.

moon-1093538_1280MOON SEXTILE VENUS [8:39 am pdt/ 9:39 am mdt/ 10:39 am cdt/ 11:39 am edt] is a feminine touch of mama creativity. Mother Earth loves us nomatter what. Nomatter what our crazy unique inner art, and inner dreams are–Mother Earth wants to see us unfold that loving inner art–sharing our unique essence with the world like a flower shares its pretty colors with the whole garden.

heart-1164739_1280MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8:56 am pdt/ 9:56 am mdt/ 10:56 am cdt/ 11:56 am edt] is a home run opportunity. Although “all the odds may seem against us,” with the great PLUTO-MOON OPPOSITION later today, this Rising crescent MOON SEXTILE JUPITER carries so much grace, it outlifts the transformational rite of passage challenges! We can rise above even the most threatening of life and death passages today–rising above them with the grace of the Earth-Mother’s magical loving presence. (MOON in Cancer is honoring mama in us and JUPITER in Virgo is grounding us into the Earth in the most healing and detailed ways).

VENUS TRINE JUPITER [12 noon pdt/ 1pm mdt/ 2pm cdt/ 3pm edt] is part of the reason for grace and art today. JUPITER has lights that reveal openings, new possibilities and “answers to past prayers.” If past prayers are not yet answered, there may be a directional sign! Or some emergent guidance that opens the way–ultimately to our personal creative bliss–which serves all things!

road-sign-940644_1280MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [4:04 pm pdt/ 5:04 pm mdt 6:04 pm cdt/ 7:04 pm edt] is the continuing death/rebirth/intense rite of passage/pressure squeeze/catharsis we are still being wrung through. This is a continued point on the unfolding spectrum of the last 3-5 years of catharsis and deep changes. As each of these MOON contacts–makes an energetic connection–there is a “squeeze,” in the cauldron of rebirth,” we feel the pressure of the change. Today is one of those squeeze days, even amidst the incredible grace–its a day of “all things are possible!!”  Life, Death, Grace and everything in between–though grace is a growth edge today and death is for the reptilian brain parts.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [6:10 pm pdt/ 7:10 pm mdt/ 8:10 pm cdt/ 9:10 pm edt] is a piece of intimate communications magic. It might be a communication between a bit of the fabric of life and ourselves–or with whatever messenger we are able to “hear,” there is a message for us–and we may have messages for thimble-1344563_1280others!

SUN SEXTILE MOON [10:23 pm pdt/ 11:23 pm mdt/ 12:23 am late night cdt/ 1:23 am edt] is an indicator of the feeling of contentment, peace and grace that is possible as the night comes to a close. In the midst of “SO MUCH CHANGE,” there are lily pads of grace and ease, doses of beauty and fulfillment, even if its a taste or a vision of starlit wonder. We are graced each moment with the beauty of this earth, entering our senses as a special kind of life-giving love.

Today we are loved by life. May we feeeeeeeel this life-giving loved. May we love ourselves and others with beauty and art.

forest-54555_1280. . . . . . . . . .

Author’s Note: I feel exhausted and grateful. I feel fully alive. I long to land so working is easier–writing is easier and my “passionate expressions in life,” have a place from which to spring. Right now I have devoted myself to landing this small pack of part Endangered Red Wolf dogs. There is a spirit to these animals that has a message to share about wolves in general and how we as humans socially interact with them. They would like to share a story and a true heart-felt request for change. Please support us in landing in a new location. We need your financial support. Any amount is helpful. Please click here to contribute. Every donation goes to support the landing of these wolves. Two of us are “on call,” and cannot do much, but attend to six wolf dogs, until we land.

Thank You, We Love You! Aooooooooowwww!!