May 9, 2016 – JUPITER CHANGING DIRECTION – FORWARD MOTION for the Abundance and Grace Planet!

bach-1227816_1280JUPITER is STATIONARY DIRECT (changing direction from retrograde to direct today)--[5:14 am pdt/ 6:14 am mdt/ 7:14 am cdt/ 8:14 am edt]. Often in the changing of direction there can be chaos related to the planet in change. JUPITER is related to our abundance and good luck, the ways we expand and the ways we have upliftment, insight and even humor and grace. JUPITER is like the grandmother/grandfather that will love us unconditionally. Forward motion means anywhere we’ve felt “stuck” in this area, or as if things weren’t “expanding” so well, they may unstick now and begin to move forward. We’ve been re-evaluating, re-negotiating and renewing our money situations, now there is forward motion where there hasn’t been since January 8, 2016. (almost 4 months of deep retrograde JUPITER process can complete now) as it moves forward into another lesson on abundance.  Perhaps we needed to shed and re-align some things to feel that we are in the divine flow again.

baby-203048_1280VENUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE [5:41 am pdt/ 6:41 am mdt/ 7:41 cdt/ 8:41 edt] is a sweet soft energy for today’s shift. There is cosmic love in the air! We are blessed with beauty and grace when we can allow it in today.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY in Taurus [8:12 am pdt/ 9:12 am mdt/ 10:12 am cdt/ 11:12 am edt] with MERCURY still RETROGRADE is a renewal of communicative power. We have the power to speak, ignight dreams, and write our newest sharings and teachings. The power of our words and thoughts are infused with extra light today. Its a combustion of our mind! We are “lit up” with solar creative change energy. We are “renewing snow-white-770779_1280and redoing,” during Mercury Retrograding–as the SUN conjuncts MERCURY it lights up the whole big energy pattern being shifted and changed. In Taurus: there is a return to innocence, simplicity and basic truths that are us.  Time to share with the world–what needs to be shared!

MOON enters Cancer at [10:24 am pdt/ 11:24 am mdt/ 12:24 pm cdt/ 1:24 pm edt] the sign of the mother. (from the VOID between mental Gemini and feeling Cancer). Its good to feel today. The feelings are a place of washing and releasing. Mama within is raining her love on us. Although Mother’s day was yesterday–today has a “mother energy,” where each one of us can feel “mothered” by the cosmic love of the universe “incoming.”

May we be receptive to the gifts of life that are coming now.

Tomorrow’s aspects, continue grace with JUPITER’s forward motion.

“Come out of the circle of time And into the circle of love.”

. . .
. . . . . . . . .

Author’s Note: My wolf helper and I are completely exhausted from managing wolf-dogs without a fence or situation that works well for all of us. We are doing our best in each day and moment. My car–the main wolf den we have available to us–is feeling the pressure too. It is really going to need a facelift on the inside. If anyone is able to contribute to our situation–it is life affirming to have this support as we move day by day toward our new “unknown new sanctuary location!” To donate to our journey and landing, please CLICK HERE (any amount helps!)