May 8, 2016 – Limiting Beliefs Be Gone! Stepping Up ~

boat-SunnyWaterMOON SQUARE NEPTUNE – [4:18 am pdt/ 5:18 am mdt/ 6:18 am cdt/ 7:18 edt] is a small water to big water aspect. Sometimes “Great Spirit,” has one thing in the Higher Mind of the world and our “small self,” wants something else. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves “who is really in charge here?” Is it me? Or is it something higher? And who would I like to be in charge? Me, or something higher?

forest-704230_1280MOON SQUARE JUPITER [6:51 am pdt/ 7:51 am mdt/ 8:51 am cdt/ 9:51 am edt] sometimes we are called to RISE, from our small self, into something larger. Today is one of those days!

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [9:32 am pdt/ 10:32 am mdt/ 11:32 am cdt/ 12:32 pm edt] is a challenge to rise above old beliefs. When called to “rise,” we are called to face something that is perhaps feeling like it “weights us,” or seemingly pushes us down, or presents unwanted limitations. This is our challenge: to rise above stairs-975595_1280limitation, by shifting the beliefs that allow the limitation. To rise above limitations, we can shift to an upgraded belief system.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [9:15 pm pdt/ 10:15 pm mdt/ 11:15 pm cdt/ 12:15 am edt] is another modern-day-magic-wand in the late Sacred Sunday evening aura. Wishes do come true, especially those wished upon this Sunday Sextile with invisible-world-connected-Uranus! Uranian energy is futuristic and community-minded. It is a guide to moving into the new world. What secret key, magical thought, or available opening is here this night? May we enjoy the opening possibility!

rocket-1103713_1280May we wish upon tonight’s magical star!
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
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